5 Fashion Designers You Must be Aware of this January

Since December is a festive month, we really wear ourselves off when it comes to fashion. It is like we use our entire creative energy to make ourselves look our best. Now, since all our fashion energy is spent during December, January is usually left with boring outfits. Plus, January tends to be the coldest month of the year, which means that we – most of the time – just put on thousands of layers of clothing and end up looking like hobos. To prevent this from happening, we are presenting you with a list of 5 amazing designers, who’ll provide you with the best fashion inspiration.

Gosha Rubchinskiy


With this controversial and mega popular Russian stylist it is all about bringing back the 90s. He keeps winning our hearts with simple hoodies, T-shirts and tracksuits; jeans with his signature prints – 1984, Russian flag, SPORT, sickle and hammer (which is the symbol of communism) etc. The beauty of his designs lies in casualness, timeless pieces and bold symbols. If you do a little bit of research you will see that many celebrities dig his style – from Kylie Jenner to ASAP Rocky. All our fellow sporty types should definitely pay attention to his designs if they lack inspiration.

Dhruv Kapur


If you are a minimalistic type, you should definitely pay special attention to this genius. He relies on architectural elements and neutral palettes. His asymmetrical tailoring (the back is usually longer than the front) and reconstructed male garments in women collections (like a skirt made of suit jacket) make all that minimalism somehow entertaining. His garments flatter women silhouettes and create a powerful message. The best thing about visionary Indian fashion designers is their variety. Manish Arora, opposed to Dhruv, is all about joyful and kaleidoscopic palettes and designs. He matches the unmatchable and makes a fairy tale out of every combination. On his fashion shows, you will see every color of the rainbow, unusual makeup combinations, lot of dresses and A-skirts as well as blazers and hoodies. Wake up your inner child by trying out some of these styles – you won’t regret it.

Farah Malik and Dana Arbib


Farah Malik, who comes from Pakistan and Dana Arbib who comes from Lebanon, joined forces and started a new brand called A Peace Treaty, which is all about capes, bags, jewelry, hats, knits etc.
When it comes to jewelry, it is all about combining Islam and Judaism style by making golden rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces etc. that contain some symbols of both religions (the Star of David with a moonstone, for example).
Knits are all about traditional geometric patterns and colors (red, black, gold, brown, purple etc.). The same goes for capes and scarves. It is clear that they both have a huge respect for their cultures.
Bags are filled with geometric patterns and vivid colors: from yellow over red, all the way to blue and black.

Isa Tapia


“Love your shoes love yourself” says Isa. This fabulous designer is known for her beautiful imagination and refined taste. She combines edgy with romantic, and cute with fearless. For 2017. she has prepared some incredible boho chic and denim details, rainbow colors and many more surprises we are dying to see. She knocked us off our feet with her FW 2016 heel collection, where you could see everything from black to baby pink. As we can notice, straps are her signature heel accessory – which is super cool and always trendy. One thing is for sure – she definitely won’t fail to surprise us again this season.

One thing is crucial: we must not forget about fashion, as 2017. is definitely going to wow us. We should also be a bit bolder, and try out some new styles we’ve never tried before.