The New Year Calls For A New Wardrobe!

New Year? New Fashion! Get Fabulous

New Clothes for the New Year from MaryBelle!

The new year is upon us and it’s now the year of the new you! It’s time to check out the fabulous clothing from plus sized clothing company MaryBelle so you can own the year!

MaryBelle proudly makes all of their styles in the United States and have made it a priority to provide their customers with high quality clothing at an affordable price. Not only is MaryBelle made in the U.S., but all their clothing is named after Los Angeles based street’s, restaurants, and other things that encompass the heart of LA!

Offering a variety of blouses and dresses, MaryBelle strives to make clothing that fits your curves and empowers you to show off your best self this year! Be sure to get your dresses and blouses to rock the New Year with MaryBelle!


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MaryBelle is conceptualized through the lens of contemporary culture, traditional craftsmanship and functional design. They observe beauty beyond the surface to re-imagine a world where fashion extends past size. Focusing heavily on fit, MaryBelle recontextualized the modern woman for the present culture. MaryBelle produces all designs in the U.S. and are here to inspire women of every shape to step out into the world with confidence and bravado.

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