Spring Capsule Wardrobe Twists

If you have a truckload of clothing in your wardrobe, but still worry what to wear every morning, then capsule wardrobe is the answer to your prayers. Building a capsule wardrobe requires thoughtful consideration and planning, but it ensures you’ll be sporting the right outfit every day, as each piece you own will be timeless. Capsules are also great money savers, as they make sure you only buy items that you love and genuinely want to wear. Building a spring capsule is the same as building a regular capsule, only with a few twists added to spice things up for the next season. Here’s what you should be aiming for this spring.

The little floral dress

Instead of classic LBD, opt for its lighter spring alternative – the little
floral dress. Long or short, chiffon or silk, button through or V-neck, delicate flowers or bold mixes, it doesn’t matter what you choose, because you can’t go wrong. These stylish pieces are easy to match, so you can team them up with everything from ankle boots to sandals or trainers. This season’s hottest trends are asymmetric hem and an open back, so take your pick and start celebrating the arrival of spring.

Navy striped shirt

It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, but it’s absolutely timeless. The style inspired by sailors’ uniforms is suitable for everyone and it can easily create various outfits. Team up your navy shirt with blue jeans for a casual look or with white pants or a skirt for a more sophisticated feel. You can start from drop sleeve shirts and then work your way into striped crop tops and tanks as the weather becomes warmer.

Skinny jeans

Although some other styles, like cropped flares, were popular in 2016, skinny jeans aren’t out. There are countless new ways to wear your skinnies this spring, from laid-back style to weekend evening dates. Instead of a shirt, throw a tie cardigan over your skinnies for a casual look, or give your distressed jeans a more formal look by wearing a trench coat and black pointed stilettos. Sheer accented tops are amazing when teamed up with skinnies, as are military jackets and high heels. For a truly unexpected twist, wear a formal dress over your skinny jeans and blow everyone off their feet.

Trench coat

This classic piece constantly gets reinvented and this season offers an array of styles. If you’re a fan of classic khaki coats, but still want to add a modern twist to it, opt for a hooded one or the one with emphasized shoulders. Alternatively, you can choose bolder colors like red and orange or flattering floral prints. When shopping for this wardrobe staple, or any other, it’s important not to rush into it. Creating a capsule wardrobe requires giving it some thought and finding the best shopping deals before you decide to settle on the right piece.

Chelsea boots

We can hardly think of a better way to pull off a chic yet effortless look than slipping into a pair of Chelsea boots. They are ideal for daytime strolls, but can also be dressed up for evening occasions. Their design makes your leg look slimmer, and the best thing of all is that they are super comfortable. From leather to suede, with or without laces, these boots go well with practically everything and you can be sure that you’ll be wearing them for a long, long time.

In order to create a spring capsule wardrobe, you’ll need to put in some extra effort and shop strategically, but the result will be worth your while. Say goodbye to hours of indecisiveness in front of your wardrobe and walk confidently wherever you go.