Love the image in all its forms!

A picture is truly worth a thousand words! The images below speak volumes without saying a word; Some serious intensity going on! It just amazes how someone can capture something intangible. I mean how do you capture intensity? Ask Nicolas Evariste, a 24 year old from Granville, Normandy.
He is many things including a graphic designer and a DOPE photographer! He began exploring photography back in 2006 and “was quickly attracted by black and white and square format.”

It looks like it’s about to step out…
Awww… i heart this one!
I carry a strong interest in landscape photography of my area, in macro and in animals photography too.”
“Photography, but not only … Indeed, I am passionate about everything related to the picture … Graphic designer by trade, I am also fanatical about painting, cinema, or literature. I like the image in all its forms!”

I’ve always admired photographers… Amateur or Professional it doesn’t matter; I like to see the world through different people’s eyes. Two photographers can take a picture of the same thing, but have totally different interpretations… there must be some magical process that goes on right before that *click*
Click Here to see more of Nicolas’ work!
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ps: speaking of dope photographers, shoutout to SEVENPOUNDS photographers !


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