My Cool Slim Belt Review

Bathing suit season is coming! Get the summer body you want and feel good when you slip into your bathing suit with the help of myCoolSlim. It’s a natural way to reduce unwanted body fat… yes please, right?!

myCoolSlim delivers a safe and effective cold temperature directly to stubborn areas of fat around the stomach, thighs or bottom and gets rid of it. Wear it for 30 minutes a day – no more than that – and watch the fat cells shrink away! It’s a safer and much cheaper alternative to expensive plastic surgery.

myCoolSlim is specially designed based on science to freeze and naturally eliminate fat cells. Simply freeze the gel packs, slip them into the neoprene pockets of the compression wrap and velcro myCoolSlim around your targeted area for a half hour each day. Seriously, it’s that easy! $79.99 for a wrap and two gel packs;

First impressions: The belt is definitely sturdy and well made, it is similar to neoprene waist training belts but it also has an inner lined pocket. The gel packs are light blue and transparent. Very cool.  Cold contouring is something available at medical spas and very expensive. The myCoolslim package is a great at home alternative for a fraction of the price.  The whole idea of Freeze Fat Away is interesting to me. I guess when your body gets cold, it takes energy and burns calorie to warm you back up? 

Trying it out the first time. It was very easy to use. I just left the ice packs in the freezer overnight and then inserted them into the belt’s inner lining and then wore it around my waist. You are not suppose to wear it over 30 mins. I only lasted 3 mins and then took it off. It is very cold! I am a creature of comfort. I like comfort food, I don’t wear high heels for too long and I don’t like to be too hot or too cold. That’s probably why I have the extra fat in the first place! Ha!

You are not suppose to do anything when you wear this belt. You cannot exercise or shower or anything. So basically you should just stay still.  You can wear it around your legs, your arms, your torso. My skin did get ‘red’ from the cold after 10 mins. This is me laying flat with the belt on my bed. It is interesting to see how fat cells react to cold. The brown fat cells and the white fat cells react to extreme cold temperatures, thus resulting in the slimming you see. After my first 30 mins, all I had was a very cold belly. I will try it a few more times to see what happens!


myCoolslim works best with a low calorie diet and exercise. Wearing this belt alone should show results in a few weeks so I will keep you posted on what happens when I use it again! Like all health and beauty items, this product will work best in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise. I would definitely recommend this belt to someone who is trying to achieve that ‘revenge body’ for the summer!

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