Jacadi Pop-up Shop & Fashion Show

Heydoyou was invited by FIAF and Jacadi Paris to attend tonight’s Pop-up store shopping and fashion show event. FIAF Students walked the runway showcasing Jacadi’s new spring collection, including a special occasions dress line exclusively designed by French wedding designer Laure de Sagazan. It took place at a lovely and classic space just like the name “SKYROOM”. The atmosphere was very joyful as there were so many cute kids joining in the events. The fashion show started around 5:00pm, the kids walked on the stage to show the chic style of Jacadi Paris.

Colors sparkle and flowers bloom in this collection expertly crafted.

Elegant styles rooted in enchanting  French tradition.

When fashion shines and smiles are shared, every instant becomes an exceptional moment.

Wonderful childhood joys and beautiful memories shared by the whole family.

JACADI adds tenderness with each design to celebrate every exceptional moment.

Introducing JACADI’s special collaboration featuring three unique style by wedding designer


This young designer who has redefined wedding day fashion has created a one-of -a-kind offering for flower girls and children of honor on the big day. Rendezvous in store and at LAURE de SAGAZAN NYC showroom to discover the entire collection as of March 2017.


Girls 2 to 12 years, $235

Vintage inspired dress that captures a two piece look. Crepe dress with embroidered organdy top; low waist pleated belt and soft pleated skirt.


Girls 2 to 12 years, $179

Linen cotton pique dress featuring cotton organdy embroidered silk sleeves with a double button detailed finish along the back.


Girls 10 to 14 years, $139

Organdy cotton embroidered silk top.

Mademoiselle Jacadi.


Girls 10 to 14 years, $125

Linen cotton skirt.

Mademoiselle Jacadi.

The Brand:

Laure de Sagazan’s story begins in 2010, when Laure’s closest cousin dared her to design a wedding dress that would fully reflect her personality. Laure received so many compliments about the dress that she decided to launch her own brand. Her fiance -and co-founder-suggested it should be named after her. Laure de Sagazan was born in December of 2011.

Laure had always been fascinated about fashion antics and lace in all its forms. As a teenager, she would go to flea markets every month with her parents and would pick anything that would catch her eye, from 1950’s blouses to 1930’s scarves and from late 1900’s inspired night gowns to 1970’s flowy dresses, with a predilection for embroidered pieces and everything lace. And it shows in her collections.

5 years later, still surrounded by her fiance -now her husband- and her cousin, she just launched her 6th collection, and her effortless chic style has seduced thousands of brides-to-be all over the world. The Parisian atelier now enjoys over 30 people, and the demand has pushed the brand to expand in Italy, Spain, Belgium, the United kingdom, Portugal, and Japan, whether through franchises or in curated stores.

After finding inspiration in the golden age of Hollywood in her 2016 collection, Laure de Sagazan listened to the many phone calls the team received from American brides and decided to open a new atelier/showroom in New York.