Ready for a Screen-Free Summer? Level up your Game with the PinBox 3000

The best memories of summer are made in the backyard, the garage, the basement. This is where the freedom from the school year can manifest into making things. Two Vermont educators and artists tapped into their love of tactile building and created the ultimate project to while away the summer break. Move over lemonade stand, the PinBox 3000 is poised to become the ultimate summertime craft and engineering project.

The PinBox 3000 is a build-it-yourself, made in the USA, cardboard tabletop pinball machine kit with interchangeable, customizable, play surfaces. It is not just a product, but a path toward unplugged gaming, crafting and making that the whole family can enjoy.

How does it work?

Step 1: The PinBox 3000 arrives at your doorstep unassembled in twelve punch-out sheets of sturdy corrugated board. Assembly requires one hour of folding and slotting the 39 parts together.

Step 2: Two flipper decks allow you to customize two interchangeable games, so bring out the glue and scissors! Electronics can also integrate with the PinBox 3000, if you’ve got a knack for LED, sensors, or microprocessors like Arduino.

Step 3: Flip out with your custom-made PinBox 3000! You can even link two games back-to-back and share in a two-player Battlemode!

Summer camps across the country are already using the PinBox 3000 to launch the next generation of pinball game designers, merging STEM with art and design. There’s plenty of summertime to dive deep into experimentation, crafting, painting, and playing DIY pinball.

Two entrepreneurs, puppeteers and gamers in Burlington, Vermont believe that pinball has to be accessible for the next generation. Pete Talbot and Ben T. Matchstick, professors of Cardboard Teck Instantute, hope to “Tilt the Future” with makers of all ages to unlock the tactile engagement of pinball game design. Upload your designs to social media. #PinBox3000 to see all the designs on Instagram! In addition to assembly videos, the Cardboard Teck YouTube channel offers tips and tricks for any adventurous designer.

Unplug the screens! Summer’s here and the time is right for crafting custom pinball games. With the help of Cardboard Teck Instantute, its easy and fun to build your own gaming device, while also creating timeless memories of “the summer we rocked our own PinBox 3000 cardboard art-cade”.

PinBox 3000 (Regular price: $49.95), Battlemode (Regular price: $99.95), and Party Pack of ten kits (Regular price: $450). Go to