Smart, Compact & Portable Travel Items That Make a BIG Difference!

We are always on the lookout for small items that make a big difference in our comfort level while traveling & on-the-go! Below are four smart, compact and innovative travel products that will make any trip, long or short, a little bit more enjoyable! Now, if we could just avoid those long TSA lines…


Tired of tangled ear buds while traveling? The Magneat by onanoff is a fashionable yet simple accessory is magnetically attached to keep headphone cables neat, untangled and light on the ears. With its range of sleek and chic designs and amazing effectiveness, it is the perfect companion for travel, late night runs, hikes and for day to day use. Magneat is available in a range of solid colors, trendy designs and reflective stickers for added safety while using it in an outdoor environment. Popular models include I Can’t Hear You, Star, US Flag and single colors with reflective safety stickers.

BugBand Towelettes

Worried about mosquito-borne illnesses while traveling? Keep pests away with BugBand Towelettes! The BugBand Towelette is a very handy, easy-to use method of applying Geraniol DEET-FREE insect repellent for heavy duty insect protection. The towelettes travel anywhere, are lightweight and take up very little space. Safe and effective, the towelettes allow for exact application of Geraniol lotion on exposed skin. They’re ideal for using around your face or neck without over-applying. The towelettes can be folded and stored in the foil container for future use. BugBand Towelettes use naturally derived active ingredients to repel mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and no-seems. Safe for the entire family, even pets!

NapAnywhere Travel Pillow

A stiff neck may be inevitable on a long flight…but to the rescue is NapAnywhere, a portable head-support pillow developed specifically by a physician for frequent travelers. This comfortable, portable device can be used effectively while traveling on planes, subways, trains, buses and cars as a passenger. Small and compact, it fits easily into your carry-on, backpack, laptop bag or purse. The NapAnywhere is available in five colors, including Crimson, Cobalt, Lime, Pink and Black. It is stain-resistant, and can be wiped clean with either mild soapy water or a light solvent like rubbing alcohol. A carrying pouch is included to help protect the NapAnywhere when not in use.

Ice Chips® Sugar-Free Candy

Want something sweet that will keep you away from the tempting smell of Cinnabon at the airport terminal? Ice Chips® provides a delicious, all-natural and sugar-free candy that helps keeps smiles bright and breath fresh …no matter where you may roam! Place a tin in your backpack, carry-on bag, or purse for refreshment while traveling. Made with xylitol and safe for diabetics, Ice Chips® is available in 20 tantalizing flavors, such as Wintergreen, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Strawberry Daiquiri, and more!