A Comfortable and Stylish Way to Get Through Your Day!

Get the right compression socks for standing on your feet all day with ATN

You love being a nurse, but those long hours standing and being on your feet can be grueling. If you would prefer not to spend most of your shifts feeling intense leg and foot pain, get going with the best nursing gear – ATN Compression Socks! When it comes to taking care of your legs’ circulation, clinically effective compression socks are very valuable. Consistently being on your feet can make it easy to develop venous hypertension and odema . ATN Compression Socks aren’t just comfortable and stylish, they gently support the lower leg where it needs the most circulation – without that tight, binding feeling.

Heading home from working a 12 hour day, your legs and feet are sure to be swollen. While you may be able to prop up your feet or get your significant other to give you a massage, you can avoid the pain with ATN Compression Socks.

Love your legs while keeping them safe with the different styles from ATN Compression Socks:

  • Cobalt Blue: Be bold in the rich blue hue of these perfectly designed socks! Crafted to provide medical grade (20-30 mmHg) Class II compression support, you’ll stay stylish while your tired, achy legs get the support they need.
  • Pumpkin Spice: Let’s face it – we’re all ready for fall. Gear up for pumpkin everything this coming season with this bright, beautiful design! With antimicrobial fabric and a roomy toe box, you can stand on your feet all day with confidence and strength.
  • Purple Rain: Need a pop of purple? Start your day with a pair of stylish, safe socks that provide just the right amount of comfort and support. With a breathable footbed and soft material, your feet will thank you.

Save your legs while you save lives – rock some stylish and expressive compression socks under those scrubs!

ATN Knee High and SportsEdge Compression Socks are available online at https://atncompressionsocks.com or at the following retail stores nationwide: Scrubs & Beyond, Life Uniform & University Stores.


Developed by a vascular nurse for people on their feet all day, ATN Compression Socks launched in the U.S. in 2015 and is constantly expanding their product ranges and introducing new products and color combinations. Trusted and worn by over 200,000 healthcare professional daily, these soothing socks increase circulation, decrease muscle soreness, and help prevent formation of blood clots in lower legs. Whether you’re a healthcare professional, traveler, athlete or expecting mom, ATN has the right compression socks for you.