Fun and Adorable: The 10 Perfect Toys for Twins

A first-time mother and father’s dream is to hold and caress their newborn son or daughter. Through the whole nine months of expecting a baby boy or a little girl, the sweetest moment is when they finally hold and get to take their baby home .

Ever heard of the saying, “Two is better than one?” That’s the same feeling parents feel when they get to know that they’re having twins. Taking care of twins is a very rewarding experience. Everything comes in doubles. Double the diapers, double the milk, double the fun, and double the  everything.

Admittedly, taking care of twins also requires twice the effort from parents. However, the fact remains, whether it’s thrice the effort, parents will do everything to provide the best for their children. Even when kids get to grow up and move into separate homes, the bond of both the parent and child will remain.

Going back, one of a mother and father’s joy is to see their son and daughter smile. In the toddler’s years, every moment is a potential “first” for both child and parent. The happiness that parents get when seeing their kids smile and play is so immense that words cannot even describe how they feel. With that said, toys are one of the most common ways for parents to get that happiness.

Essentially, anything can become a toy. From simple wooden shapes to complex airplane models, toys provide children entertainment, fine motor skills, and a lot more. As simple as it sounds, picking out a toy for a toddler, let alone twins, is tough.

Here are some things to watch out for when giving toys to children and twins alike.

  • Immediately throw away plastic wrappers from toys. There are cases that children suffocate from these materials.
  • Children under the age of 5, or regardless of age unless supervised, should never have small toys that are choking hazards.
  • Avoid giving children toys with sharp edges, especially if made out of hard material such as wood, metal, and glass. These are dangerous items that can cause severe injury.
  • Observe the paint on some toys. Some toys come painted with lead which is a very toxic material for humans. If a toy is abnormally dense and the paint is slightly faded, discard it immediately.
  • Look out for any broken toys. Try repairing them if possible. Broken toys should never be left behind because they can also cause injury.
  • Mobiles and any other toys with strings or ribbons do not belong in cribs. These can entangle children.
  • If buying cribs that have modifications for toys from the furniture store, choose those with safety locks.

Nothing scares a parent more than having to see their children hurt. To avoid such unfortunate events, parents should always make sure that all the things they give to their kids are safe. Make sure to only purchase from reputable outlets such as Amazon and other sites.

The toys that come from these shops and places are of high quality. Although these toys are safe, parents should never leave their kids unsupervised while playing. With that said, here is a look at some of the best toys people can give to twins.

Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza

A good toy for twins is the Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza. It’s a small slide with multiple balls which are a lot of fun when kids drop them down the slides. Parents should supervise their children when playing with this toy because of the small parts included. There is also an inflatable ball attached to the top of the mini slide.

The toy is so fun and fabulous because it plays a lot of cute music while the balls roll down the slide. Twins can take turns in dropping balls and see for themselves who drops the fastest ball.

Here are some of the best Fisher Price toys.

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car

Another great product from Fisher Price, this small car operates through the legs of your kids. Don’t be fooled by its size; the car can fit in three little kids simultaneously. The car isn’t also just an ordinary car. On the sides, it has a lot of activities like shape and color picking.

Twins can take turns in pushing the car, or they can have fun with the toys that come along with the toy car.

Winther Twin Taxi

The twin taxi is a trike made especially for twins and triplets. The small vehicle can accommodate a driver with two passengers in the back. Kids will surely have a blast when they see the Twin Taxi.

Step 2 Up and Down Coaster

Parents shouldn’t fret when they get to see the Step 2 Up and Down Coaster. It’s a small roller coaster after all. Twins can safely enjoy this toy because of the relatively “small” slopes on the track. Nevertheless, supervision is still required when playing with this toy.

Although the coaster accommodates just one, twins can take turns in riding. Regarding learning, twins can greatly benefit and learn from taking turns at such a young age.

Parents Magazine Bee Bop Band Play & Learn Drum & Instruments

Another toy that teaches sharing to kids, this toy music set is made up of drums and other more instruments. If you want to introduce your children to music, then the set is a perfect start for them.

The drum comes with its drumsticks which are safe to use. In some packages, the set includes xylophones, triangles, and other small instruments. Teach your kids the value of harmony and teamwork when they play music together.

Classic Teeter Totters for Kids

Definitely a classic, twins can both enjoy the teeter totter. A lot of custom sizes are available in case your twins are a bit larger than average twin babies. As adults, teeter totters often pop up in our memories. The nostalgic scenes of you and your partner up and down on the toy brings back a lot of smiles.

Give this memory on your children by giving them a teeter totter of their own. These toys are safe, but supervision is still needed regardless.

Walkie Talkie for Kids

A great way for kids to have fun is by communicating on not so far distances. A modified version of “Hide and Seek” is a good way to make use of walkie talkies. Instruct your kids with small clues about their hiding spot to their twin brother or sister and let the fun begin. Guide your children on how to use the gadgets beforehand.

Walkie Talkies usually need AAA batteries to function. Adults should never allow their children to change the batteries as they may leak toxic chemicals.

Rock’em Sock’em Robots

A toy that can enable two kids playing at the same time is always a perfect gift for twins. The toy can also teach children to be competitive and mindful of each other’s skills.

Rock’em Sock’em Robots are two small plastic robots that punch each other until one of them wins. Whoever gets to pop up the mechanized, spring loaded neck first is the winner.

Mini Pools

These plastic inflatable pools are perfect for the summer heat. Setting up is also easy as there are no parts that require assembly. Just inflate the pool outdoors and fill it up with water. Don’t worry about the depth of the water; pools are often custom made according to the children’s age and size.

Parents should still apply sunscreen on their twins if they plan to go dipping in the hot summer sun. Instruct your kids not to be so boisterous so that they do not cause injuries to each other.

Radio Flyer Wagon

The Ultimate toy to have in a children’s room, the Radio Flyer Wagon is a staple in almost everyone’s home. The wagon boasts a simple design. It’s signature red paint makes it easily recognizable. It is wide enough to accommodate 1 or 2 children.

The radio wagon flyer was in production since the early 1930’s. The public saw it as a simple, inexpensive toy that safely catered a lot of children in their early years. The product was so successful that a movie was made almost 50 years after.

“Radio Flyer,” is a film which stars Tom Hanks and Elijah Woods, among others. The story is about two brothers who convert their radio flyer wagon into a flying machine to escape the wrath of their step dad known as “The King.”

Kids of the past who are parents now can tell you that with a little imagination, a radio flyer wagon will be a huge airplane or a magic tank with fiery cannons. Let’s not spoil the fun for the children and give them the freedom of imagining their ways to have fun with the radio flyer.


Toys are part of growing up. Every parent needs to know that these items are what children play with to learn, grow, and imagine for a brighter future. Toys don’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as a plastic inflatable pool. The important matters lie with the safety and usage of such toys.

Although companies ensure parents about the safety of their products, adult supervision is still a requirement when playing with toys. The items mentioned above are perfect examples of toys that are ideal for twins.

Toys are excellent tools that can greatly enhance a child’s capacity to think critically. For example, walkie talkies emphasize proper communication and understanding. The Radio Flyer Wagon teaches kids to be imaginative and at the same time, value the importance of teamwork and sharing.