Thinking in Icons, by design expert Felix Sockwell

I recently received a really cool design book! It is a book on symbols, graphic design, and hand-lettering for the designer in all of us that newly launched.

Designers are always working and thinking spatially and it is difficult to articulate their brilliant thought process. A new series of books on design from The Quarto Group help do exactly that.

Symbols, emojis, and hand lettering are becoming a big part of our daily lives. We use it in texting, emailing, and overall communication. For first-hand knowledge of this trend, reference Thinking in Icons, by design expert Felix Sockwell. A Designer’s Research Manual, an essential in any design library, has been completely revised, with all new case studies, photos and graphics, and updated technical information. Every day hand-lettering is gaining popularity, kids love to do it, adults try their hand, and we all have a unique spin on these elegant fonts. To get started try, Written by Hand, a guide for hand lettering your signs, posters, and activities.

Thinking in Icons, by design expert Felix Sockwell was the book that I received and I spent a very nice afternoon checking it out. Page after page, learning about how iconic logos came to be and the thought process behind the designer’s mind. Often you start with something complex that has so much meaning on every level. Then pairing it down to what is sleek, simple yet meaningful – that is the icon.

In Thinking in Icons, artist and designer Felix Sockwell takes readers through the process of creating an icon, covering many styles and visual approaches. Sockwell also offers examples of his collaborations with Stefan Sagmeister, Debbie Millman, and other high-profile designers, and features the work he has done with an impressive roster of blue-chip international brands, including Apple, Facebook, Google, Hasbro, Sony, The New York Times, and Yahoo.

From the most refined corporate visual systems to the ubiquitous emoji, icons have become an international language of symbols as well as a way to make a wholly unique statement. Without even realizing it, billions of people interpret the language of icons each day, this is the designer’s guide to creating the next great statement.

Discover many styles and visual approaches to this deceptively complex art. – Buy it here