Potty Training Through Play

Little ones are like sponges – they see someone do something, then try to imitate it. That’s the premise behind the Potty Duck, the inventive newpotty training tool for bath time. The Potty Duck Potty Training Toy is a squirting rubber duck with a flushing toy toilet that’s more than just a bath toy. Kids squeeze the duck to make it pee, then flush the toilet. This unique potty training tool takes advantage of the fact kids learn by imitation and through play. It can be used before kids are ready to startpotty training to get them thinking about it.

  • Good for boys and girls
  • Use before and during potty training
  • Comes with potty training tips
  • Suction cups can attach the Potty Duck inside a sink or tub
  • BPA and phthalate-free

-Play with Potty Duck at bathtime

-Teach your child how to make the duck pee and flush the toilet

-Use the toy to talk about pee, toilet, flush, go potty

-Cont to play with Potty Duck in the bath

-Encourage pretend play with Potty Duck outside the bath

-When your child sits on the potty, have Potty Duck sitting nearby

What parents are saying:

“My son and daughter love playing with the Potty Duck in and out of the tub. It is an excellent way to incorporate potty training with an activity that my children already enjoy so much!”
– Alejandro, Father of a 2 and 4-year-old

“Our daughter started playing with the Potty Duck when she was 18 months old. Before she turned two she was asking to use the potty all on her own. The Potty Duck was a fun way for her to gain interest in toilet training all on her own.”
– Maria Z, Racine, Wisconsin