Get the Perfect Sleep Temp and Stop Night Sweats with This!

Summer is coming and for many of us, that means hot and sweaty nights. If you suffer from night sweats, I’ve got the absolute perfect compact solution just in time for June’s Better Sleep Month!

DrySleeping is a compact and travel-friendly NASA engineer designed solution to helping night sweat sufferers wake up refreshed and not drenched! Check out a quick video here on is how it works!

This is a perfect gift idea for moms with hot flashes or dads that can’t stand the sweats! Priced at $79.99.

Humidity is the culprit that causes night sweats but thanks to Drysleeping, that issue is literally sucked away. Bulky cooling pads, extra pricey specialty sheets and air blowers, do nothing to tackle humidity and leave you waking up soaked day after day. DrySleeping’s innovative technology isn’t just effective, it’s easy to use! Simply tuck it under the sheets and enjoy sweat-free Zzzzzs – FINALLY! In the am, plug it in to recharge and clean.

Why DrySleeping?

  • Solves the Root Cause – DrySleeping reduces the moisture under your covers to reduce or stop you from sweating.
  • Travels with You Anywhere – Ease of use. Take it camping, on business trips, or vacation. It’s small enough to fit into any carry-on.
  • Saves Money – Less expensive than running air conditioning all night and it extends the life of your mattress!
  • No Moving Parts to Fail – Nothing to break or replace which means it is reliable and silent!

About DrySleeping: Dennis McRae was a curious kid who liked to disassemble anything he could get his hands on to see how it worked. Probably why a career as a NASA engineer was right up his alley. He suffered from night sweats for years, disrupting his sleep and his wife’s. One day, she begged him to put his engineering know-how to use to design a solution for night sweats. DrySleeping was born. McRae is thrilled to be able to help others enjoy what was elusive to him for so long – a good night’s sleep.