Single-Edged Razor Set to Redefine Shaving in Men’s Grooming Gear

Still struggling about what to get for him? I totally understand your feeling. Things are much easier about women, women need everything. However, for guys… What do they need? Clothes and tools? Yes, what else? Maybe skincare, maybe snacks, but the thing we feel worried about is a lot of guys are very picky! They love a certain type of fashion, they use the same skincare forever, they only eat snacks from one brand.

This is so difficult. But you forget one thing. Guys always dream to have a nice razor! It is the thing they need, they love, and they feel they are really a man when they use it.

I am going to introduce you a luxury nice razor from OneBlade, which Introduces New HYBRID Razor: Single-Edged Razor Set to Redefine Shaving in Men’s Grooming Gear.

OneBlade ( recently launched its new HYBRID Razor as part of its men’s grooming line. The perfectly balanced razor, built with military grade materials, is guaranteed for a lifetime of use. An amalgam of OneBlade‘s already popular CORE and GENESIS razors, the HYBRID is offered as a modestly priced option for those who seek quality and desire the best experience and outcome.

OneBlade® took the best features of both its CORE and GENESIS razors and combined them into a product that delivers a professional quality shaving experience at half the price of the original GENESIS Razor. The stainless-steel head delivers a smooth shave, coupled with an ergonomic handle made from engineer-grade, BPA-free Tritan™.

The most technologically advanced razor, OneBlade‘s hidden features are what make it such a unique experience. From reference surfaces that keep shavers safe, to pivot points and spring force which ensures a uniform shaving experience each time, the OneBlade is the pinnacle of shaving design. And OneBlade‘s patent-pending Active Floating Blade Approach System is a hallmark of innovation.

The focus of the OneBlade shaving experience is the single blade, which allows shaving right on the skin’s surface, avoiding the usual irritation and razor bumps associated with multi-blade razors.

HYBRID Razor Construction Highlights

The HYBRID Razor delivers a close, comfortable shave resulting in an irritation-free shave – meaning users can appreciate smooth, healthy skin, with no razor bumps, ingrown hairs, nicks or burns. The pivoting head adapts to the curvature of the face, allowing a perfect angle for the smooth flow of the blade. The head of the HYBRID Razor is fitted with a high-quality Feather Single-Edge blades, made with high-carbon stainless steel and coated in platinum.

Feather is a Japan-based company that has been making the world’s finest blades, used in both surgery and shaving instruments, for over 80 years. Each blade is twice as thick as the average double-edged safety razor blade. The Feather blades are ultra-sharp, yet smooth and comfortable to use.

The OneBlade® HYBRID Razor specs:

  • An ultra-high-grade stainless steel head.
  • Optimal blade exposure and angle: Delivering a close, comfortable shave free of razor burn and irritation.
  • Optimal pivot: Gives maximum performance, with extreme flexibility and forgiveness.
  • Quick Load blade system: The easiest loading system on the market; it involves no screwing, turning or injecting.
  • Machined to +/- .005mm tolerance.
  • Engineer-grade Tritan™: A lightweight yet durable polymer built to last forever.
  • Stainless steel rod: Balanced to feel comfortable while held in the hand.

The OneBlade® HYBRID Razor shaving kit ($199) includes:

  • OneBlade® HYBRID Razor
  • Full grain Horween leather travel holster
  • 10 Feather single edge blades
  • Recyclable razor blade disposal bank
  • Travel size (15ml) lavender shave cream
  • Travel size (15ml) lavender aftershave
  • OneBlade waxed canvas travel bag

Each OneBlade® HYBRID is 100 percent guaranteed. Learn more about the OneBlade® shaving experience here.

This is the shaving kit I got for my husband – don’t tell him! I am going to wrap it up as a Christmas gift. I love how it looks, because as a super organized person, I hope my husband has a bag like this to organize his stuff.

How neat it looks!

Full grain Horween leather travel holster is so cool, making the beautiful razor a luxury place to stay. Your guy can also just bring the razor with the holster, it is very convenient. OneBlade also has their own shaving cream and after shave balm, let him try how they are. It is always nice to use the same brand, because they know how the things work better.

The razor look luxury and beautiful. I believe my husband will be addicted to it once he sees it.

About OneBlade

Founded in 2015 by Porter Stansberry and Tod Barrett, OneBlade is a team of engineers and shaving enthusiasts who provide an eco-friendly grooming line that features both premium razors and natural skin care products. Creators of the first single-edge shaving system that focuses on an optimal head design, forgiving pivot and world-class blades, OneBlade provides barbershop-quality grooming in the comfort of one‘s own home. OneBlade products are all engineered with craftsmanship, innovative thinking and respect for tradition. Learn more at: