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    Going full Christmas with glitterbeard and beard ornaments from Beardaments

    If you’re looking for a place to season up your Christmas style with beard lights, beard ornaments, beard glitter kits, and fun women’s hair lights you have found the place. As Seen on Shark Tank, Beardaments is the best place to find your Christmas beard decorations.  Feeling fancy? Get some beard glitter! Want to light up the night? Check out Beardaments fun Christmas beard light up ornaments. Women, don’t let the men have all the fun. Beardaments now has fun Christmas hair lights and light-up holiday earrings.

    A viral sensation, Beardaments are the next must-have holiday accessories to add to your wish list this year. Whether donning the clip-on beard ornaments and lights yourself or giving them to family, friends, or coworkers, you’ll light up the party and ensure a joyful spirit is plentiful this season. Give facial hair an added holiday spirit by using its glitter kit to sprinkle on holiday colors of gold, silver, red, and green along with the baubles. You’ll look dashing while giving Santa a run for his money! Better yet, give your resident Santa a few to wear! The fun doesn’t stop there. Women can enjoy the bling with the brand’s hairlights and light-up earrings. Relax with a warm, calming glow from your beard or hair on all holiday occasions. Talk about a conversation starter!

    Time to take the holidays to the next level! Peanut butter and jelly almost goes together as well as beards and Beardaments. So this year give your face foliage the gift of festiveness, it is sure to be the talk of the Christmas party.

    With Christmas beard lights, beard ornaments, glitter kits, women’s hair lights and more; Beardaments is the original, one-stop shop for beard decorations and beard lights! Beardaments high quality beard accessories are sure to be the biggest hit for your holiday office party, ugly sweater party, secret Santa present or your fun Christmas photos.

    Jason McOmber, founder of Beardaments, with his son Cooper and dad Mike (Santa) went into the Shark Tank and survived! Beardaments has been on a mission to leave no beard un-decorated for the holidays.

    Beardaments has already decorated 100,000 beards worldwide and counting! Shop among the light-up ornaments, beard glitter kits and other beard-related accessories to find your perfect holiday style. Beardaments‘ unique products have received viral attention worldwide, and have been viewed online by millions. Let Beardaments help YOU Season Up Your Beard for the holidays!

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    Healing can be so sweet, SIIKA Herb & Honey: Infused Traditionally, Created Intentionally

    While taking part in self-care and self-love rituals year-round is critical to your overall wellbeing, we have to admit, the holiday season can be a bit more stressful and taxing than other times.

    Gift yourself something too! Its so easy for us to buy or take time for others, but listen here, honey, you deserve something amazing too! So often, women buy for everyone else but it’s a good idea to remember that you deserve something beautiful as well.

    This could be any number of things.  It could be actually buying yourself something you really want, or going to get your nails done, a massage or a facial. Let’s not forget, time is also a gift!  We can get so caught up in what to do or other people during the holidays that we forget ourselves. Taking time for yourself could include taking a ice bath, quiet reading time, or literally just laying on the bed with a DIY sheet mask on daydreaming! It all applies. Just make sure you take time out just for you. It really does make a big difference.

    SIIKA (n/adj): gold, wealth, luxury; extreme beauty or riches

    While wealth is initially thought of in financial terms, wealth is also found in love for self, family, and friendships. With herb and honey infusions, SIIKA reclaims the rituals that restore, refresh and reconnect you to yourself and to loved ones, so you can savor, delight and indulge in the sweetness of life.

    Mama | Mint & Rosemary Honey

    Named after founder Makuyo’s great-grandmother, Elnora, whom her family affectionately called Mama.

    Founder Makuyo, her mother, and grandmother shared a connection with gardening and sewing. She remembers sewing patchwork quilts and working in an urban garden with her mother and grandmother, as a adolescent. This love and fellowship through gardening and sewing can be directly traced back to Mama who grew all varieties of vegetables and herbs alike, for her family on their land in Mississippi.

    Makuyo’s most recent Indigenous ancestry, as the original inhabitants of this country, is also directly traced back to Mama. As such, many Native American tribes believe that Rosemary is a gift from the Creator and widely used varieties of mint to treat a plethora of conditions.

    Although Mama passed when Makuyo was very young, and she has few memories of Mama, Makuyo’s great-uncle has told her countless stories about Mama, of her kindness and self-lessness.

    Pair Mama with berries, teas, cocoa, coffee, or any other comfort beverage.
    Infused with Love: Raw Honey, Mint, Rosemary, Calendula

    Yaayo | Vanilla & Lavender Honey

    Founder Makuyo’s namesake.

    Makuyo’s paternal ethnic group, the Krobo (of present-day Ghana) name their children by position and/or characteristics in birth. It happens that both her grandmother and her were the fourth child of their fathers, so they are both named Makuyo. By her children and grandchildren, she is known as Yaayo. Though Makuyo speaks little Ga, and she spoke no English, somehow they still found a way to communicate and connect.

    The Vanilla and Lavender in this blend is the perfect balance of determination and gentleness, just like Yaayo.

    Yaayo is excellent with chai teas, coffee, on waffles, pancakes, or ice cream.  Try this with our Sankofa blend!
    Infused with Love: Raw Honey, Vanilla Bean, Lavender

    Herb + Honey Candles

    Signature SIIKA Candles in Honey and Herb.

    Honey: Sensual, gourmand blend with notes of amber, lavender, and sandalwood.

    Herb: Light, uplifting and sweet blend with notes of citrus, basil, and agave.

    Hand poured in small batches, SIIKA Candles are made with 100% natural beeswax from small & local bee farms and organic coconut oil.  SIIKA uses wood wicks and paraben free fragrances for the epitome in clean burning and sustainable aromatherapy.

    About Siika Herb & Honey:

    Siika Herb & Honey Co. is a Miami-based brand infusing raw honey with organic herbs to provide a natural way to heal our spirits. They take inspiration from the sensual and real-world healing properties of honey as well as our everyday rituals. Siika is rooted in the founder’s Ghanaian heritage and culture where they value love and strong community as personal riches. The brand’s infused honey and tea blends provide consumers with a path to reconnect to themselves and to nature despite their hectic lives. Follow them on Instagram @siikaherbandhoneyco


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    Let the festivities begin with a Christmas charcuterie gift!✨

    The countdown to Christmas has begun, finish all of your shopping with Christmas Gift Baskets from GourmetGiftBaskets.com! They make it easy for you to experience the joy of holiday giving. Choose from a selection of thoughtfully crafted gourmet gifts and gift baskets, beautifully packaged and delivered right to their door!

    Ultimate Christmas Gift Basket

    As you may imagine, Christmas is the brand’s favorite holiday. In preparation for this December 25th, they tracked down the most delicious foods imaginable to create an incredible basket that’s like no other. They traveled over snow-capped mountains, across brisk tundras, and through arctic wonderlands to find the greatest holiday snacks in the world. And they succeeded! This basket is full of superb, award-winning treats that are unsurpassed. Plus, they’re recommended and approved by holiday elves. And when it comes to Christmas, elves know what they’re talking about.

    The Corporate Show Stopper Christmas Gift Basket

    Get noticed this holiday season with this Corporate Christmas gift basket! Perfect for clients and team members alike, this generous arrangement boasts an unparalleled selection of delicious gourmet snacks and exquisite treats. Complete with decadent chocolate, cookies, gourmet cheese, and handcrafted popcorn. Send the gift that everyone is guaranteed to love!

    ‘Tis The Season Meat and Cheese Gift Tower

    This lovely ‘Tis The Season Meat and Cheese Gift Tower makes it easy to send holiday cheer! Inside six festive gift box layers, your gift recipient will discover a delightful collection of exquisite gourmet treats. Complete with rich sea salt caramels, crisp cookies, and handcrafted cheese and crackers. This cheery gift delivery is the perfect way to make this holiday season bright!

    Christmas Snack Gift Basket Jumbo

    Impress anyone on your holiday list with this stunning jumbo Christmas Snack Gift Basket! Inside one of GourmetGiftBaskets.com signature baskets, your recipient will discover an unparalleled selection of exquisite gourmet foods that only the brand largest basket would hold. Complete with everything from sweet to savory, like handcrafted popcorn, chocolate wafers, chocolate truffles, and all the fixings for a meat and cheese charcuterie, this generous gift is one that’s impossible not to enjoy! When the brand named this the “Jumbo” gift basket it was because it truly is loaded with items and is perfect for the large family, office, or as that impressive statement gift!

    My basket – Christmas Gift Basket Classic

    Christmas is a time for gratitude and bringing smiles to the faces of friends, family, co-workers, and everyone else on your Christmas gift list! This classic Christmas Gift Basket has proven to deliver some of the biggest smiles to recipients worldwide every holiday gift season! GourmetGiftBaskets.com experts have once again crafted the perfect holiday gift, filled with the delicious flavors of the season, such as peppermint, caramel, and of course, chocolate. As an original product offering, this year marks the 20th year that this gift will be the best way to share the season’s joy.

    The holidays are meant to be spent with close friends and family, and there’s no faster way to get everyone to come together than with a delicious Christmas charcuterie board. Charcuterie gifts are truly versatile gifts that can be sent for almost everyone. Here is the entire collection for the 2022 Holiday Season from GourmetGiftBaskets.com. Order now to have your gifts delivered in time for Christmas!

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    🎁 Elegant & Affordable, New Foodie Holiday Gifts Revealed 🍪

    Still Living Large (But In An Affordable Way) For Holiday Season ’22
    These Last-Minute, Elegant But Budget-Appropriate Gifts Will Give Your Loved Ones A Big Smile

    Tis the season amid an up-and-down economy!  But that’s not stopping us from celebrating!

    Right now, GourmetGiftBaskets.com is releasing several great foodie gifts that scream “affordable elegance.”
    Here is the entire collection for the 2022 Holiday Season. But to whet your appetite, please check out just a few top sellers so far.

    Warm Winter Wishes Gift Basket

    The warmest wishes of the season come in the form of friends, family, and of course food! This Warm Winter Wishes Gift Basket is a gift delivery that curates some of the warmest flavors of the season in one sophisticated gift. Nestled inside a beautiful, gold foil snowflake gift box, your recipient will find rich butter fudge, wafer cookies, and of course our very own Kettlecorn. There is simply no better way to send some warmth this winter season to everyone on your list.

    ‘Tis The Season Bakery Gift Box – Large

    Savings will be reflected on the shipping calendar during checkout process

    The holidays are meant to be spent with close friends and family, and there’s no faster way to get everyone to come together than with a platter laden with baked goods. Especially when those baked goods include five different brownie flavors, five different cookie flavors, and classic chocolate and vanilla cream whoopie pies.

    *All Baked Items are Wrapped for Freshness

    Winter Wonderland Holiday Gift Basket

    Like sending a warm hug, this mix of sweet and savory snacks is a seasonal way to spread goodwill and holiday cheer. Inside a handsome blue paperboard gift basket, your recipient will discover an enticing arrangement of wintry treats and delicious holiday snacks. Complete with delicate hazelnut cookies, decadent dark chocolate sea salt caramel cookie straws, handcrafted popcorn, and a keepsake magnetic gift box, spread merriment this holiday season with this festive Winter Wonderland Holiday Gift Basket!

    A Taste Of Elegance Gift Tower

    Simple and sophisticated, this beautiful gift tower is elegant in both appearances and tastes! Inside each of the five gift box layers, GourmetGiftBaskets.com arranged an assortment of their favorite gourmet treats, like salted caramel cookies, roasted almonds and cashews, sea salt caramels, butter peanut crunch, and the crispiest handcrafted caramel popcorn, to create a stunning gift that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is to the palate!

    Here is my choice:Christmas Gift Basket Classic

    Christmas is a time for gratitude and bringing smiles to the faces of friends, family, co-workers, and everyone else on your Christmas gift list! This classic Christmas Gift Basket has proven to deliver some of the biggest smiles to recipients worldwide every holiday gift season! GourmetGiftBaskets.com experts have once again crafted the perfect holiday gift, filled with the delicious flavors of the season, such as peppermint, caramel, and of course, chocolate. As an original product offering, this year marks the 20th year that this gift will be the best way to share the season’s joy.

    • Cinnamon & Brown Sugar Kettlecorn by GourmetGiftBaskets.com – 4.2 oz.
    • Vegetable Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Farms – 6 oz.
    • Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies by Dulion – 2 oz.
    • Dark Chocolate Cubetti by Fusion Gourmet – .9 oz.
    • Hazelnut Cubetti by Fusion Gourmet – .9 oz.
    • Pretzel Twists by GourmetGiftBaskets.com – 4 oz.
    • Organic Ancient Grains Flatbread Crackers by Mariner – 5 oz.
    • Double Dipped Peanuts by Hammond’s – 3 oz.
    • Belgian Chocolates by Annalie’s Chocolates – 1.76 oz.
    • Woven Seagrass Basket, with Round Metal Handles

    Choosing the right gift can be challenging, let alone navigating through stores, crowds, or even online shopping. Take the stress out of gift giving with GourmetGiftBaskets.com Christmas gift baskets, delivered on time to spread the holiday cheer. All their Christmas gift baskets are assembled with premium items, so you can ensure that your loved ones will be receiving only high quality treats. Whether they’d prefer a more classic style Christmas basket with a traditional assortment of popcorn, cheese, and chocolates, or if they’d enjoy a festive gingerbread house and cookie platter, you’ll find the perfect Christmas treats to bring a smile to any of your friends or family members!

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    British M Annatto Hair Oil is one of my most loved products for creating long-lasting shine and leaving hair soft and silky!

    British M Annatto Hair Oil is a must-have for holiday styles and makes a perfect gift for the beauty lover who has everything! Find out for yourself why beauty editors, influencers, and celebrities can’t get enough of this AMAZING product for shiny, healthy hair! The finest Amazonian Annatto Oil, Organic Pumpkin and Argan Oils blend for perfected results that instantly absorb to leave hair naturally smooth, strong, and shiny. The light and sophisticated scent is a customer favorite that gets tons of compliments.

    British M is vegan-approved! Annatto Hair Oil is officially certified with the Certificate of Vegan Registration from the UK Vegan Society, one of the world’s biggest vegan organizations. Annatto Hair Oil does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. It’s also free from animal testing, genetically modified sources, and cross-contamination with non-vegan products.

    Annatto Hair Oil has perfected the optimal ratio of organic Pumpkin Seed and Argan Oils with pure Annatto Oil harvested from the Amazon rainforest. The smaller-sized molecules of Annatto Hair Oil immediately penetrate into hair, leaving it moist without feeling sticky, greasy or heavy.

    * For badly damaged hair: add an extra layer of Annatto Hair Oil to strands before drying.

    * Annatto Hair Oil has a natural color that may slightly fade in UV light. To avoid this, keep the bottle away from direct, long-term sunlight. However, the color does not effect its potency in any way.

    * Recommended Usage: Short Hair (pea-size drop) / Long Hair (almond-sized drop)

    Excellent hair protecting effect

    Annatto Hair Oil helps protects strands from heat styling stress as it penetrates deeper into hair to nourish and keeps delicate outer cuticles more resistant to environmental stress and heat.


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    British M Flex Gentle Brush is perfect for gently detangling hair and adding volume while you dry

    Top celebrity and editorial stylists love British M Gentle Flex Brush! So do I! This detangling brush is extra-gentle on hair and scalp, while flexing to your head’s curvature. This wet hairbrush brought to market by the cult K-beauty brand that the Allure Beauty Awards named “Best of 2022,” this patented brush is a standout for curly or textured hair to easily detangle or unknot.

    A flexible design, it follows the contours of one’s head, glides through hair and is made to speed drying time. Perfectly boxed and priced right for holiday gifting.

    This patented breakthrough maze-shaped wet brush is extra gentle, ventilated to speed hair drying, and detangles all textures. It is a new maze-shaped brush uniquely frees dryer air flow to pass through during styling for faster, easier results for all hair texture and types. The unique design uses a special pliable synthetic rubber to absorb impact on the scalp and allow smoother results with less stress on strands.

    Recommended for

    ⓥ Those who want fast hair drying and hair styling

    ⓥ Those who are looking for a smooth brush that does not simulate

    ⓥ Those who have badly tangled hair

    ⓥ Those who feel their wrist stressed when using a brush.

    Point 1

    The head designed with a flexible structure helps easy hairstyling without stimulating the scalp

    Point 2

    Wind passes between maze-like brush heads to save some time from drying your hair, and it easily helps to make your hair look voluminous.

    Point 3

    Elastic nylon brush teeth tidy up your tangled hair smoothly

    Point 4

    Diamond-cut design to prevent the product from slippering and ease grip allow users to use the product easily without putting stress on the wrist.

    British M Gentle Flex Brush is available on Amazon.