Orange County’s First Luxury Cat Hotel, Club Cat, Celebrates its Grand Opening

Club Cat, Orange County’s first luxury hotel exclusively for cats, announced that a festive grand opening that includes a ribbon cutting ceremony, entertainment, and tours of the hotel and suites, will be held Friday at Club Cat.

Cute cat sleeping on the bed

Founder Shana Martin conceived of Club Cat after years of struggling to find appealing cat care options when she traveled for business or pleasure. “I dreamed about a place where my cats could be safe and healthy but also receive the type of genuine love, attention, and care that they are used to at home,” says Martin, who does not have extended family nearby. “Cats don’t necessarily require the level of care that dogs do, but recent studies show that they prefer human interaction and actually need it to thrive.”

One of the many distinctions that separates Club Cat from more traditional boarding options is that pet parents can watch their beloved cats anytime, anywhere from an app on their iPhone or Android phones. “Each of our suites has a state-of-the-art webcam so that cat parents can get their kitty cat fix in real-time,” says Martin.

Club Cat’s décor, a combination of modern trompe l’oeil and whimsical cat portraiture, marks another distinction. Martin combined her love of literature and cats to create an upscale and spacious yet cozy, inviting feel. Suite names are “cat-punned” after the classics – The Chronicles of Furnia (after C.S. Lewis’sThe Chronicles of Narnia) and The Wizard of Paws (after L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) – to name a few. Each suite boasts a uniquely hand-painted cat positioned playfully around a book spine.

Suite size is also a significant departure from traditional cat boarding facilities that kennel cats in cages. Club Cat patrons will stay in spacious eight-feet tall suites with actual walls and a glass door. Standard suites house up to two cats from the same family; deluxe suites are even larger and can easily fit up to three cats from the same family. Each suite comes with wrought iron beds, multiple levels to perch on, and enclosed balconies at the top so that cat guests have options.

Martin consulted Kelly Doria, DVM at All Paws House Calls, to provide expert advice on designing the cat hotel to minimize stress on cats. “Stress can substantially lower a cat’s immune system,” says Doria. “Orange County cat owners are fortunate to be able to board their cats in a safe, secure, stimulating place like Club Cat when they travel.”

An added perk is that one of the most prominent emergency veterinary hospitals in the country – Southern California Specialty Veterinary Hospital (SCSVH) – is just across the street should anything unexpected happen.  

Cat sitting in the suitcase or bag and waiting for a trip. Travel with pets concept

Entertainment includes:

  • CatFlix – Feline-friendly programs
  • CatCasts – Live webcasts for cat owners who want to check in on their kitty cats 24/7
  • CatChats – For cat owners who want to have live “cat-versations” with their kitty
Closeup portrait of sweet sleep white-gray kitten

Special amenities include: 

  • Fur therapy
  • Derrière trims
  • Pawi-cures
  • Calming therapy
  • Nightly paw-down service
  • Happy Hour in the salon / playroom

Knowing your cherished feline companion is being pampered not just once a day, but THROUGHOUT the day, EVERY day can make all the difference for you – and your kitty cat – while you are away.

Besides. Why should dogs have all the fun?