This Spring, Take Creativity and Customization to the Next Level With Creative Café Frappe Drink Maker

For this coming Spring at 2019, I am excited to introduce a NEW toy to the CREATIVE CAFE™ line, the Frappe Maker where kids can mix and create fun flavored frozen drinks!

With the Creative Café Frappe Drink Maker, kids will enjoy creating delicious, colorful, and coffee-free “crème” drinks at home. 

Simply choose a flavor, mix the powder with milk (or a milk substitute) in the frozen Frappe Maker, and serve in the included, authentic Frappe Cup! Choose from Apple, Mango, or Strawberry Cream flavors, layer to make a Frozen Rainbow Frappuccino (for kids 6+, $14.99 at major retailers nationwide).

Dazzle your friends and family with delicious, tropical treats you make all by yourself, with the Creative Café Frappe Maker!

Creative Cafe™ Frappe Drink Maker

SRP: $14.99 | Age: 6+

Availability: February 2019 | Retailer: Target


  • Frappe Maker Freezer Cup
  • Resuable Straw with Spoon
  • Reusable Frappe Cup with Lid
  • 1 Strawberry Cream Flavor Mix
  • 1 Apple Flavor Mix
  • 1 Mango Flavor Mix
  • Instruction Sheet


  • Make delicious, frozen treats, all by yourself!
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Includes authentic, reusable frappe cup, lid and spoon straw!
  • Comes with strawberry cream, apple and mango flavor packets
  • For ages 6+

With the Creative Café Barista Bar you can be a future barista! Create endless latte looks with just milk. Make yummy chocolate or strawberry drinks with real foamy froth on top.

Creative Cafe™ Barista Bar

SRP: $29.99 | Age: 6+

Availability: August 2018 | Retailer: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart


  • Frothing Unit
  • Frothing Pitcher
  • 3 Stencils
  • 2 Shaker Bottles
  • 2 Spoons
  • 4 Paper Cups
  • 1 Strawberry Flavor Mix
  • 1 Chocolate Flavor Mix
  • 4 Recipe & Tip Cards


  • Be your own barista with the Creative CaféBarista Bar
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Froth and flavor real milk and dress-it-up with a dazzling design!
  • Comes with strawberry and chocolate flavorpackets
  • Includes flavor recipe cards to get you started
  • For ages 6+

Creative Cafe™ Barista Bar Refill Pack

SRP: $6.99 | Age: 6+

Availability: September 2018 | Retailer: JoAnns


  • 3 Flavor Packets
  • Recipe Cards


  • Expand your barista bar’s menu with a Very Berry color-changing latte
  • New flavors in Toffee, French Vanilla and VeryBerry
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Fun for hours, with new flavors to try
  • For ages 6+

About RoseArt:

RoseArt® creates fun, innovative and easy-to-use products that create engaging creative experiences, nurture development in children and ensure success! The brand is primarily known for Art Materials, Color Blanks™ and Fuzzy™ Posters but they also offer innovative products in the craft and toy activity categories.