NEW Dove’s First-Ever Customized Conditioner Collection

Your hair is unique. Shouldn’t your conditioner be, too? I wanted to be one of the first to tell you about Dove’s NEW UltraCare collection, the brand’s first-ever customized conditioner series.

Available in three different formats (a foam, milk gel and crème!) and formulated with our patented Micro-Conditioning Complex, it’s designed to deliver the right level of nourishment that truly gets your hair. Providing a whole new way to choose the right levels of nourishment for your hair type, it’ll leave your hair nourishedhealthy looking and cared for.

Postpartum hair loss is real! I have been finding my hair everywhere – in the shower, on the ground, in the car and all over the house. Using Dove Milk Gel Conditioner has helped get most of it out in the shower before I put my hair into mom braids. Excited to try the foam and creme next!

As a new mom, I just want to look presentable – and showers are between naps, feeding and diaper changes have to be fast and effective before the baby wonders where you are and starts crying again!