Hot Mama from the Lip BAR

Making your Monday a little brighter with a new release from The Lip Bar.
The new shade Hot Mama is a spicy, fire-engine red and it’s bringing all the heat. Made with our signature liquid-matte formula, this fierce hue is fully loaded aka there’s no need to worry about feathering or fading. So Busy Moms, no need to reapply.
As the name suggest, Hot Mama is an ode to motherhood and a celebration of one of the most impactful roles a woman can have, being a mother. The color red has often been identified with “power” and we salute and intend to further solidify the power that lies within each women who has given life. One of the biggest challenges of motherhood is finding time to take care of yourself amongst all the roles and responsibilities required to take care of their families and household. At the core TLB’s mission is to not compromise health and we want to further encourage and empower our customers to take time to fill their cups so that they can be the best versions of themselves for their loved ones. Taking an extra minute to put on Hot Mama has the potential to impact someone’s entire day.
You can shop Hot Mama at, $13