Introducing Dr. Ganja, The Amazon of CBD and Marijuana Products

Introducing, a one-stop-shop for over 400 of the best CBD-based products and brands, with weekly additions.

The launch includes the largest collection of Dr.Ganja CBD Hemp Flower, used for smoking, vaping, cooking and extracting to make your own CBD products. The shop is one of the first online retail marijuana marketplaces with the largest selection of products at the best prices. The project launched in 2009, when Egor and David Kolt, two brother entrepreneurs, were running a medical marijuana doctors office out of West Hollywood, where over 100,000 people were evaluated and gained access to a medical marijuana card, to legally obtain medical marijuana from a dispensary.

The dynamic duo later launched GrowSetup (, a one-stop-shop for building out and evaluating indoor hydroponic grow rooms, with over one million square feet built out and evaluated, including some of the largest government permitted facilities in Canada.

Egor says, “As global interest in cannabis grows, so does popular demand for a tool that will allow people to compare, contrast and buy the right cannabis-based products for their needs. That’s where comes in. In becoming the biggest online marketplace of marijuana-related products with a focus in hemp-based CBD, Dr.Ganja’s goal is to give consumers an invaluable resource: a comprehensive offering of what’s legally available for sale.

Ours is a safe, reliable and easy-to-access online marketplace where both connoisseurs and casual users can confidently search, find and legally buy the cannabis products that work best for them. As the biggest marijuana retailer with the best prices, Dr.Ganja offers visitors a wide variety of peer-reviewed items such as dietary supplements, CBD hemp flower, body care products, oils, pet supplies and so much more all at the best prices, same day fast and free shipping, with affordable international shipping options available.”

The brothers can speak on the following cannabis/CBD hot topics:

  • how to grow the Biggest CBD Marketplace and vet products
  • The growing trend of CBD Hemp Flower and benefits
  • Not all CBD is created equal- what makes a good product
  • CBD Can Make You High – big misconception of it not making you high. CBD does contain trace amounts of THC
  • Dr.Ganja – Americas Favorite Drug Store – the secret of discreet shipping

David says, “All of these products are new– to have this much variety at the prices and service we offer is pretty unique. We also have a CBD Forum and the largest collection of CBD reviews for a variety of different brands and products from actual real people that use these products. I think there is no greater resource to learn about CBD then the Dr.Ganja CBD reviews page. All of our Hemp Flower is individually tested for pesticides, terpenes, and cannabinoids from an accredited lab. These tests are expensive and few people do them. You can also ask questions about products like you can do on Amazon, which is unique. No Hemp site has this option. In fact few eCommerce sites in general have this option”

Egor says, “I want people to understand that not all CBD is created equal. People these days create a CBD label, slap it on, and boom they have a CBD product. It’s just not the case with us. We go through a long vetting process before adding a brand to Dr.Ganja. I want to be the largest cannabis based marketplace out there, featuring the best brands and products and give the new quality brands popping up a voice. Via people are discovering new CBD medical benefits every single day. Pain and anxiety relief, beauty, health and so much more, even the best CBD products for pets that deliver results!”

Dr.Ganja the E-store has been open since 2017.

More about David and Egor

Egor was born in Moscow and moved to Los Angeles at a young age, founding Dr.Ganja which was initially a referral service to see an accredited MD, for a medical marijuana card in 2009, evaluating over 100,000 patients. He launched GrowSetup, a one-stop-shop to get a grow room built and setup, consulting over 1 million square feet of space for individuals and companies all over the world. launched after the rise of CBD-based products and no reputable online store to showcase them. Currently over 400 products and adding more every day.

David’s youth, energy and unique marketing skills positioned as one of the strongest & biggest online medical marijuana stores. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, and raised in Santa Monica, California, David grew up playing competitive sports on and off the field, in both athletics and in the corporate boardroom. A student of high finance, online marketing, and intricate business dealings for many years, David has worked and interned at several prestigious companies. His financial expertise and marketing skills were developed during these formative years. A master of website development, design and marketing as well as corporate financial matters, David’s position with and contribution to the Dr.Ganja portal is one of three major essentials to the business.