Morsel – The Most Versatile Spork Ever Created

Product design duo Hadron Gear has just announced Morsel, a versatile utensil that is putting a fresh new spin on the spork.

Hadron’s design team went through countless iterations to develop a truly revolutionary design, one that shined where other sporks disappointed. While camping stoves have made fantastic evolutions over the last 20 years, camping utensils have seen far less innovation. Morsel aims to change that.

Morsel’s long, asymmetric shape is combined with a soft rubber edge that allows it to clean and scrape surfaces of all shapes and sizes – “It’s like a spoon crossed with a spatula.” The ergonomic design makes it easy to scrape every last bit of food, whether it’s on your plate, in your bowl, or wedged down in the corner of a pot or food bag. The strong, full-sized fork includes safe serrated edges for cutting through tough foods.

“We wanted to design a better spork that solved all the shortcomings of conventional sporks and camping utensils. No more stubby forks. No more dripping soup. No more snapped handles. No more dirty hands from deep pots and bags. No more excess food waste on dirty dishes, and no more food scraps for wildlife. Our goal was to solve these problems and combine the solution into a single, elegant utensil.

… Eating should never be the crux of an adventure, so we wanted to make eating just a little bit easier. We always strive for more when we’re outdoors, even if that’s just scraping a much-needed last bite from the bottom of the dinner pot.”

Features of the Morsel Spork:

  • Rubber conformable scraping edge
  • Asymmetric spoon shape fits all shapes and sizes
  • Full-size fork with safe cutting edge
  • Extended length and deep reach
  • Boiling water and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-Free and FDA food-grade materials
  • Ships Spring 2018
  • MSRP $12

Want one? Morsel will be launching on Kickstarter in March 2018 with big discounts for early buyers. Stay up-to-date and learn more by joining Morsel’s email list through their website, ​

About Hadron:

Hadron is a product design duo based out of Portland, Oregon focused on creating better products through thoughtful design. Hadron believes that good designs should solve problems and enhance experiences. The result is Morsel, a clever utensil that makes eating just a bit easier and more enjoyable, allowing meals to be enjoyed until the very last bite.