Performance Under Pressure

The madness of the fall season is upon us but no need to worry (!!), international authority on stress, Dr. Terry Lyles, will tell you that there is a secret that only elite performers know, and it is this: stress is good. While natural disasters and tragedy are some of the most trying events for humans to process, changing social and political environments also cause stress, as do ordinary events over the course of a lifetime, such as getting married, having children, facing deadlines, changing careers, and holiday madness.

In his groundbreaking new book, Performance under Pressure: Crack Your Personal Stress Code and Live the Life of Your Dreams (September 10, 2019), motivational speaker, life-performance expert to professional athletes, military personnel, and business executives, and author of four books on stress, Terry Lyles, Ph.D., takes us on a personal journey into the heart of the misunderstood subject of stress. He can also discuss breaking news as well as:

  • How our stress is often the building block to potential health, happiness, and productivity
  • How to crack your own personal stress code
  • Technostress navigation: understanding good and bad usage of technology
  • That people who have learned to thrive under pressure don’t necessarily have less stress than the rest of us; they just see stress differently
  • How to recognize physical and emotional markers, and break the cycle to neutralize the anxiety
  • Tips for moving from negative to positive states
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