New FosPower Kids Stereo Headset with Light Up Cat Ears Brings a Dance Party for Kids

What does your little girl want for a holiday gift? Actually they are pretty easy to choose a gift for, something like a toy or a doll can always make them happy. But something like a cute headphone can make them feel happier, because they can always carry it, use it and also decorate themselves with it like a cute accessory, especially a cute cat ear headphone, I believe she will go crazy happy with it!

FosPower, a Minnesota-based company that provides premium quality electronic accessories, today announced their newest Kids Stereo Headset with Light Up Cat Ears. The affordable and high-quality headphones offer a diverse variety of features such as vibrant LEDs, a creative design and a volume limiter with a maximum sensitivity of 85dB.

FosPower’s Kids Stereo Headset with Light Up Cat Ears are the perfect music companion to keep children dancing and entertained while keeping their ears protected. The Oregon-based public health partnership Dangerous Decibels reports that a portable music player with stock headphones at maximum volume can reach over 100 decibels and cause permanent damage after only 15 minutes. The FosPower headphones are not only fun, they also prevent children from listening to audio at high volumes by keeping the volume well under 100 dB.

“FosPower is constantly at work to deliver innovative electronics with a creative touch,” said Joshua Yang, Product Manager for FosPower. “We are pleased to deliver the new FosPower Kids Stereo Headset with Light Up Cat Ears that allows them to have cute headphones while giving parents the assurance that their hearing is safeguarded.”

FosPower Kids Stereo Headset with Light Up Cat Ears Features:

Designed for Kids and Comfortability

  • Cat ear headphones have padded ear cushions.
  • Kids-safe volume (max of 85dB).

Light-up Cat Ears with Multiple Functions

  • Kids can turn on and be amused by the vibrant LEDs installed in the cat ears to make their overall experience even more enjoyable.
  • Choose to either leave the LEDs constantly on or always flashing with a simple click of a button.

Built for Durability and Flexibility

  • The cat ear headphones can stretch sideways to fit different head sizes and can twist without worry.
  • The adjustable headband is extendable up to an inch in height making it adaptable from toddlers to teenagers.
  • Accidental yank will not ruin or damage the headphones.

Laced Cable for Increased Safety

  • The laced cable provides extra durability and safeness for our cat ear headphones.
  • A laced cable also creates fewer tangles making cable management cleaner and easier on the user.


Speaker Size: 30mm
Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
Sensitivity: Max 85dB
Impedance: 320hm
Cable Length: 4ft
Cable Type: 3.5mm
Battery: 3V Lithium Coin Battery (CR2032)

The FosPower Kids Stereo Headset with Light Up Cat Ears MSRP is $29.99, but there is a special offer on Amazon for $18.69 and can be found at:

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