Celebs Used This Tool to Glam for the Oscars — You Should Too

Within a few months of launching, the EyeAm Conchita Lash-App & Curl has already seen great success and captured a diverse audience of customers. Sold by popular mink-eyelash purveyor EyeAm Conchita, the innovative lash applicator has glammed up everyone from working moms to stars like Christina Milian and Yolanthe Cabau.

The EyeAm Conchita Lash-App & Curl was created by platinum recording artist and EyeAm Conchita founder, Conchita Leeflang. Conchita designed the Lash-App & Curl to help users apply her company’s 3D silk and mink lashes faster and with more accuracy.

“My customers were always asking me for tips on how to apply lashes — especially users who wear glasses,” says Conchita. “The Lash-App & Curl makes false eyelash application effortless for everyone, including glasses wearers. I designed the applicator for all types of people — from busy professionals to celebrities — who want to feel beautiful and get glammed up in seconds.”

Designed from lightweight, FDA-approved materials, the Lash-App & Curl lets you curl and apply false lashes in under five seconds. The dual-function tool includes an ergonomically designed, 90-degree applicator for applying lash strips, in addition to a curler for curling the lashes once they are attached. The tool is designed for different eye shapes and is the first applicator on the market that can be used while wearing glasses.

Every order of the Lash-App & Curl includes a pair of Con-Lee Lashes famous 3D silk or mink lashes made from naturally fallen fur. Customers can apply lashes using EyeAm Conchita‘s unique Eyeliner Glue, which functions as both a liquid eyeliner and a glue. Users can apply eyelashes directly to the eyeliner without the need for sticky, messy alternative glue products. Order your own Lash-App and Curl and Eyeliner Glue today at https://eyeamconchita.com/.

About EyeAm Conchita

EyeAm Conchita was founded by Conchita Leeflang, a Suriname-born daughter to the ambassador of Belgium. From uncommon beginnings, Leeflang went on to become a double-platinum winning record artist, actress, and model. While her globally patented EyeAm Conchita Lash-App & Curl eyelash applicator has been stealing the attention of the media, bloggers, and beauty fanatics these days, Con-Lee Lashes is also renowned for its 3D silk and mink eyelashes made from naturally fallen fur. Learn more at https://eyeamconchita.com/.