Effleure Launches First-Ever Luxury Scented Lingerie Collection and Risks Overstimulation of Consumer Senses

With a “Why has no one thought of this already?” idea, Effleure Inc. has launched a brazen run toward a more sagacious wardrobe essential.  Cleverly pushing the envelope toward memorable sensory experiences from the bedroom to the boardroom, the new lingerie brand has come to play.  And play they do with the perfect marriage of scent and luxury ladies underwear in three iconic designs: the bikini, the g-string and the culotte. Now, their black lace and microfibre pull double-duty with the infusion of either lavender, black coconut, dark chocolate, or French vanilla.  Welcome to next level women’s empowerment designed to linger long past the first smell.


Designed to embolden the wearer, Effleure lingerie is sized small through XXL and works its magic with the infusion of therapeutic-grade essential oils.  As safe for the skin as taking a bubble bath, the tried and tested secret formula allows the scent to last through multiple washes of the top drawer staple.  Effleure scent-infused undergarments also come with a designer box to keep them fresh.  The special box reinforces the scent between wears.

Virginia Marcolin, the founder and CEO of Effleure Inc., said, “Our lingerie is about embracing womanhood, and frankly, seduction is the bonus. We want women to wear lavish lingerie that inspires confidence to succeed in everything they do. This kind of luxury is a state of mind.”

By introducing a third sense to the mix, Effleure lingerie not only stimulates on a higher level in the present moment, but it also employs the brain’s ability to recall enticing memories. Marcolin adds, “The science behind this is simple. After you’ve worn our infused lingerie with your lover, when they’re away and happen to smell a similar smell, the brain’s olfactory function springs into motion and they immediately think of you.  It’s an instinctual win/win.” For more information, visit http://www.effleure.co.

About Effleure Inc.:

Effleure Inc. was founded by Virginia Marcolin. Utilizing her extensive experience in the fashion industry, having worked with Henri Bendel, Charivari, and Selfridges UK, Marcolin is no stranger to the lingerie market as this is her third independent venture. Effleure is committed to donating $1 of every sale to one of four partnering charities.