Find Peace, Happiness and Self-Acceptance While Expressing Your Unique Style

Spring is officially here, and it feels like early summer in California. Friends, do you miss the days that we can go out to picnic with family and friends? Or go to a nice restaurant, a romantic bar and a cool nightclub? Yes, my answer is certainly yes, I do miss the days that we could go out. But I also say I still cherish my days to just stay in, because I have the time to think about my own life, and what makes myself happy and peace. I started to do some morning excise, yoga or meditation. I wanted to find a time belongs to myself totally. A beautiful and charming gem is very helpful to make me focus.

Soul Journey Jewelry introduces you to the healing gemstones that are a “cut above” those that are “just another pretty accessory.” Take the journey of self-discovery with the jewelry that offers healing properties.

Whether you believe the ancient stories behind these stones or simply love them for the fashion statements they make—either way—this is the jewelry that lifts your spirits.

Experience the collections that exude elegant, bohemian and spiritual style.

Soul Journey Jewelry is hand-crafted in California out of fine gemstones, each charged with a specific energy and intention. Find the elements that speak to your soul, and remember, Mother’s Day is right around the corner for the meaningful gifts you’re looking for.

The Bracelets that Speak to Your Soul

Petite Bundles – Experience so many purposeful stones in these easy slip-on bracelets. Light up your spirit and you’ll find your eyes simply smile as these bracelets come together to make one attractive piece. Find them adorned with decorative charms that serve as a reminder of your intentions.

For the Mystique

These are the accessories astrology lovers can wear with passion. Channel your stars through the collection of Celestial Bracelets, express your zodiac sign through Soul Journey’s Petal Earrings and compliment your overall look with a Celestial Necklace.

For the Nature Lover

Make no mistake, Soul Journey is the brand inspired by nature. The Elementals collection is a perfect example as it represents earthly elements with elegance. For a modern twist on your favorite blooms, incorporate the Pebble & Flower collection into your look.

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Celestial Bracelets
So Much Love

Lavender Pint Kunzite and Amethyst blend their loveliness for pure enery of unconditional Love! 6 and 8mm stones & 2 silver charms with cz’s and sapphires, bicone faceted Amethyst stone measures approximately 26-40mm in length and 12-14mm in width.

The act of wearing jewelry is taking on a whole new meaning these days. While many pieces are retiring to the jewelry box, there are some that do more than simply stun and beg for compliments. Wearing a Soul Journey Jewelry celestial bracelet and imagine the nature and love you have in your heart – that is so much love.

Soul Journey Jewelry can be a perfect gift for your friend, yourself or your mom. As this Mother’s Day is coming, giving your mom the best love with the best gift.

About Soul Journey Jewelry:

Founded by jewelry designer Jill Boylan, Soul Journey Jewelry represents her California roots from the flora, fauna and infinite possibility of Southern California to her life growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Her entrepreneurial spirit started as a teenager as she channeled her creativity and design skills into a line of jewelry called People Beads, which sold locally in the ultra hip Court C bead store. Over the years, her designs evolved into romantic, contemporary jewelry. She carries a passion for blending the modern with two other inspirations: her own mother’s style and the 1970’s bohemia landscape of her childhood.