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    Spoil Mom With Heathmade’s Lotion Bar!

    In five years, the young entrepreneur Heath Wilson, his apothecary interests transformed into something much bigger — a mission to craft cleansing and soothing skincare products out of simple and plant-based ingredients. Not to mention, they’re so sleekly packaged and effectively formulated that you wouldn’t think they came from a kid-owned brand.

    Lotion Bar is an innovative twist on a liquid formula that feels luxurious as ever when applied to skin. It’s the perfect gift to send mom this Mother‘s Day!

    A special note from Heath, the founder: Heathmade is donating April product proceeds to No Kid Hungry.

    “While I have been fortunate to keep busy during this uncertain time, I recognize many businesses and schools are suffering. After talking it over with my family, I decided to make a donation to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization that ensures kids who count on the meals they receive at school, continue to get the food they need to be healthy.”

    The Curiously Crafted Gifts for Mother’s Day, from Heathmade Los Angeles. 

    Mom no longer has to worry about moisturizers and hand creams leaking in her purse, or squeezing too much or too little out of bottles or tubes. Have her try the stick formula that glides right on and easily rubs in. Nourish and soothe dry skin with a combination of argan oil, avocado butter, candelilla wax or white beeswax, and essential oils.

    Choose from signature scents:

    • Aware – A bright blend of citrusy lemongrass and cool spearmint.
    • Awaken – Fresh coffee is combined with sweet orange, and creamy vanilla.
    • Devote – Relaxing, bright and clean scents of lavender, citrus, juniper and rosemary.
    • Be True – The woodsy scent of sandalwood and the soft, warmth of vanilla.
    • Relax – Escape the day with the rich, floral aroma of ylang-ylang and the spicy and exotic combination of ginger and orange.

    About Heathmade Los Angeles:

    Heath Wilson’s entrepreneurial journey began at four years old as he attended a week-long potions lab to learn about the healing power of plants, herbs and aromatics. His first sales began at a school fair as he sold hand-crafted, alcohol-free hand sanitizer. He quickly acquired apothecary-like skills crafting products with ingredients such as essential oils, plant butters and other natural ingredients. Heath traded the fair booth for a business venture founding Heathmade. Today the brand carries an array of natural, cruelty-free products including lotion bars, lip balms, deodorant, a healing balm for the face and body, and Heath’s signature hand sanitizers. For more information, visit https://heathmadela.com/.

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    A Fine Jewelry Makes Mom Happy at This Special Year’s Mother’s Day

    We can all agree that this year’s Mother’s Day celebration is going to be very different. Many of us may not be able to see or give our moms a hug, but we can still show the most important women in our lives how much we appreciate what they do with a personalized gift from a small business like Congés. Each Congés Fine Jewelry collection is handcrafted, which keeps their carbon footprint low. They ethically source gemstones, raw crystals, and use conflict-free diamonds. Check out some of the stunning collections below and use code STAYHOME25 for 25% off sitewide!


    The Signature Collection

    The best-selling Signature Collection is the foundation of complete enlightenment. Providing metaphysical energy that amplifies love, balance, and vitality this delicate assortment is designed in 18k gold. All stones are kept in their raw, natural beauty that exude positive and protective energy. No filters needed!


    Personalized Signature Collection

    The Personalized Signature Collection is a symbol of a close bond. Choose your stone and your initial, then share with a loved one to deepen the feeling of safekeeping and love. Designed with Penna’s son in mind, this concept quickly became popular for parents and their children. A magical reminder every person deserves.


    Third Eye Collection

    The Third Eye Collection is an extension of your intuition. Designed to help you trust your inner intelligence, the white diamonds signify clarity, the colored center stone represents vitality, and the black diamond lashes show the balance within yourself and nature. Wear this collection with confidence and make a bold statement.


    The Scarab and Ancient Egypt Collection

    The Scarab and Ancient Egypt Collection is the influence of family heritage. The magical scarab creature is believed to symbolize change, self-betterment, and immortality. The Ancient Egyptians believed the scarab imbued protective powers that warded off evil and provided good fortune for the owner. Collect or gift this memento to welcome a new chapter.

    About Congés // KON-JEH //:

    Sustainable and environmentally conscious, Congés Jewelry accentuates the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and power of thoughts. Made in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest attention to detail and respect for all materials, Congés only sources its precious metals, jewels, and stones from those who have a genuine love for what they do. Primarily never treated, Congés crystals are appreciated the world over for their unique, raw beauty and intrinsic value. The fine jewelry collection embodies the confluence of all forces and experiences of designer Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna’s life and helps enhance courage, self-awareness, discovery, and healing. Learn more at CongesLife.com and on Instagram @CongesLife.

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    Find Peace, Happiness and Self-Acceptance While Expressing Your Unique Style

    Spring is officially here, and it feels like early summer in California. Friends, do you miss the days that we can go out to picnic with family and friends? Or go to a nice restaurant, a romantic bar and a cool nightclub? Yes, my answer is certainly yes, I do miss the days that we could go out. But I also say I still cherish my days to just stay in, because I have the time to think about my own life, and what makes myself happy and peace. I started to do some morning excise, yoga or meditation. I wanted to find a time belongs to myself totally. A beautiful and charming gem is very helpful to make me focus.

    Soul Journey Jewelry introduces you to the healing gemstones that are a “cut above” those that are “just another pretty accessory.” Take the journey of self-discovery with the jewelry that offers healing properties.

    Whether you believe the ancient stories behind these stones or simply love them for the fashion statements they make—either way—this is the jewelry that lifts your spirits.

    Experience the collections that exude elegant, bohemian and spiritual style.

    Soul Journey Jewelry is hand-crafted in California out of fine gemstones, each charged with a specific energy and intention. Find the elements that speak to your soul, and remember, Mother’s Day is right around the corner for the meaningful gifts you’re looking for.

    The Bracelets that Speak to Your Soul

    Petite Bundles – Experience so many purposeful stones in these easy slip-on bracelets. Light up your spirit and you’ll find your eyes simply smile as these bracelets come together to make one attractive piece. Find them adorned with decorative charms that serve as a reminder of your intentions.

    For the Mystique

    These are the accessories astrology lovers can wear with passion. Channel your stars through the collection of Celestial Bracelets, express your zodiac sign through Soul Journey’s Petal Earrings and compliment your overall look with a Celestial Necklace.

    For the Nature Lover

    Make no mistake, Soul Journey is the brand inspired by nature. The Elementals collection is a perfect example as it represents earthly elements with elegance. For a modern twist on your favorite blooms, incorporate the Pebble & Flower collection into your look.

    For more information, visit https://souljourneyjewelry.com/.

    Shop Lulu’s choice:

    Celestial Bracelets
    So Much Love

    Lavender Pint Kunzite and Amethyst blend their loveliness for pure enery of unconditional Love! 6 and 8mm stones & 2 silver charms with cz’s and sapphires, bicone faceted Amethyst stone measures approximately 26-40mm in length and 12-14mm in width.

    The act of wearing jewelry is taking on a whole new meaning these days. While many pieces are retiring to the jewelry box, there are some that do more than simply stun and beg for compliments. Wearing a Soul Journey Jewelry celestial bracelet and imagine the nature and love you have in your heart – that is so much love.

    Soul Journey Jewelry can be a perfect gift for your friend, yourself or your mom. As this Mother’s Day is coming, giving your mom the best love with the best gift.

    About Soul Journey Jewelry:

    Founded by jewelry designer Jill Boylan, Soul Journey Jewelry represents her California roots from the flora, fauna and infinite possibility of Southern California to her life growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Her entrepreneurial spirit started as a teenager as she channeled her creativity and design skills into a line of jewelry called People Beads, which sold locally in the ultra hip Court C bead store. Over the years, her designs evolved into romantic, contemporary jewelry. She carries a passion for blending the modern with two other inspirations: her own mother’s style and the 1970’s bohemia landscape of her childhood.

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    Time to Think About Mother’s Day Gift – PaulyJen Belt Bag is The Clutch Re-imagined

    I know everyone is very upset to be quarantined for over a month already. But I think it is the time to rethink what we really care in our life when we can’t go to bars, we can’t go shopping, as well as no traveling. I would say it is family – what we need cherish the most. Wishing your family healthy, happy and to be loved. As this year’s Mother’s Day is coming, it is never too early to think about a lovely gift idea for the person who gives you life, raised you up and always there for you.

    Let me introduce you a great Mother’s Day gift – a stylish and effortless belt bag. PaulyJen™ “The Clutch Re-Imagined” latest luxury fashion trend, it’s like no other brand out there, it is chic, timeless and functional. It’s the modern day fanny pack that can be worn multiple ways! One of the favorite features about the belt bag is the functionality of the snaps on the back of the bag that allows for versatility and convenience.

    Wear your PaulyJen belt bag on your hip, as a cross body, with your own belt or toss it in your tote or use it as a clutch.

    • To wear it as a crossbody: Just pull the strap and lengthen it all way.
    • To wear it around your waist: Shorten the strap to your liking and then pinch the end to fit into the leather keeper to hold down the extra fabric or leather.
    • To use as a clutch: Easy, just pull out the belt, not necessary to unsnap (prolong the life of the snaps.)
    • To wear it with your own belt: The snaps are there for you to use primarily as a functional feature to use so you don’t have to take off your belt.

    Make sure the bag is snapped when in use, if not and you bend over, your items may fall out.


    One of the most beautiful things about leather is that it’s unique. No two hides are alike. It’s a natural product with each having its own characteristics. Leathers will have some minor imperfections which adds beauty to your PaulyJen purchase. 

    Grace & Grit for classic mom:

    Black Pebbled Leather Belt Bag with Black or Camo Interior

    Interior: Black lined textile, leather credit card holder and zippered interior pocket.

    Black Leather & Cheetah Stripe Belt Bag
    Interior: Black lined textile, leather credit card holder and zippered interior pocket.

     Luxe Collection for luxury style mom:

    Rose Gold Metallic Snake Skin Leather Belt Bag
    Interior: Nude lined textile, leather credit card holder and zippered interior pocket.
    Black Leather & Metallic Stripe Belt Bag
    Interior: Black lined textile, leather credit card holder and zippered interior pocket.
    Accessorize your PaulyJen Belt Bags with one of these casual sporty stripped Multitasker crossbody/hip belts or dress it up for a night out with a buttery double sided leather belt for comfort and all day wearability. The leather belts are made with the finest leathers and craftsmanship designed to contour to your body.
    PaulyJen wants you to wear your bag the way you see fit. Belt bags with options allows you to wear this belt bag four different ways. As a clutch, on your hip, across your chest or wear it with your own belt. PaulyJen™ belt bags are made with buttery leather and belts are double-sided and stitched for comfort and all-day wearability. Made with the finest leathers and craftsmanship designed to contour to your body. Customized snaps on straps on the back of the bags for an effortless transition so you can wear it with one of the optional suggested crossbody/hip belts, wear it with your own belt or carry it as a clutch and throw it in your tote.

    PaulyJen’s vision for the brand is to have “Belt bags with options™” for music festival goers, travelers and women on the go. She wants those who purchase a PaulyJen™ to be liberated by having a stress free experience.

    PaulyJen™ is passionate to cater to her growing customer base around the country. Women love the PaulyJen™ concept of being able to choose their own combinations of belts and bags, her design creates options and the freedom to wear the bag as one sees fit.

    “Cooler than a fanny pack and better than a clutch.” PaulyJen™ can be worn a number of ways: As a belt bag on your hip, as a crossbody, wear it with your own belt, use it as a clutch or toss it in your large tote.

    Choose from the world’s foremost luxury hands-free belt bags. You can mix and match from metallic colors to stripes and animal prints. PaulyJen™ California Dreamed and Stitched™ .

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    Mother’s Day Must-Haves By Mer-Sea & Co.

    Over the next month, people will be vigorously researching “Best Gifts For Mother’s Day”.  Give yourself a variety of options that mom will love with modern-day essentials inspired by the sea from Mer-Sea & Co.

    Versatile, multi-tasking, easy-care and above all, chic, this tote is woven into a raffia-like textile and is made from 100% recycled man-made material. This upcycled, recycled tote bag is soft, flexible and supple with an iridescent shine plus, it’s water-resistant.  All totes are in white and complemented with leather straps and a decorative tassel. It’s the leather detail that elevates a simple bag into a luxurious necessity.

    Mer-Sea & Co.’s large 10-ounce candle offers up to 55 hours of burn time. This hand-poured, made in the U.S.A candle is packaged in a beautiful box designed to showcase each unique piece of agate. Translucent white glassware creates a glow when the candle is lit and can be re-purposed as a votive holder. All Mer-Sea candles are made from a clean-burning proprietary soy-wax blend, lead-free cotton wick.

    Perfect for the places you don’t want to burn a candle, Mer-Sea’s petite diffuser is great for rooms big or small. The fragrance carries well through the six wooden reeds and the Mer-Sea silver charm is a perfect detail that makes this a special gift.  The beachy scent is made of essential oils, is hand-poured in small batches and made in the USA.

    This versatile wrap is made for the true wandering spirit. Take it wherever you go: on the plane, to the beach, to a movie or just wrap yourself up on your couch with a great book.  This travel wrap comes packaged in a matching travel bag perfectly sized for an airline pillow and packs up nicely in a carry-on.

    This pendant is adorned with a lucky four-leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe. Wear it as a daily touchstone to remind you to look for the positive and more positive will come your way!  Jane Winchester creates modern coins and charms that are a physical reminder of an emotion, moment or memory. The amazing pieces are unique, authentic and extremely well made. Jane started her company about 2 years ago after years of experience in fashion at top brands like Barneys New York and Lilly Pulitzer. Jane hand-draws each piece herself – which are then translated into silver, then dipped in 14k gold.