Jiminy’s Dog Treats: Cricket Crave and Good Grub

Jiminy’s, the premier producer of sustainable and eco-friendly cricket protein dog treats is excited to announce their new products at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida from February 26-28. Jiminy’s will be unveiling their first insect protein dog foods in two new flavors; Cricket Crave and Good Grub. With these two new insect protein dog foods, Jiminy’s is seeking to combat the effects of climate change by challenging both the pet industry and pet owners to rethink traditional meat proteins.

One of Niko’s favorite things to do is feeding Cami. With all the extra food from the high chair he’s giving to her, she definitely gained weight! We have been searching for a way for them to continue bonding through food but with a lower calorie option. So who know crickets were the answer!

These new formulas are set to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly dog food options available on the market; with no greenhouse gases produced and less land and water use vs. traditional protein-based dog foods. Switching one dog from a chicken-based diet to a cricket protein diet saves 480,000 gallons of water per year!