Unicorn Glitter Meets Cosmetics

Lip Mermaid Cosmetics (LMC), matte lip gloss with glitter shapes such as unicorns and butterflies, announced today they have officially launched their first six products that can be purchased at lipmermaid.com. They’re based in San Diego, CA and were founded by Erica Taylor in October 2018. Lip Mermaid Cosmetics’ mission is to encourage unique self-expression by creating a brand that allows the beauty community to transcend their makeup artistry by exploring new adventurous looks through incorporating glitter shapes.

Chosen as a FABcon 2020 Top 50 FAB leader in Fashion Apparel and Beauty, Erica Taylor, CEO of LMC is set to speak at the convention at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this winter. “At LMC we aspire to ensure that our mermaids will always make a splash by adding glimmering glitter makeup designs!” Says CEO, Erica Taylor. She also mentioned that she found her muse in festival and sporting events attendees’ adorning glamorous glitter. She is planning on introducing glitter shapes that are specific to sports teams and music festivals in her upcoming collections.

LMC is the first and only brand fashioning glitter shapes into their cosmetics with a patent pending product, making them a new trendsetter. All of their products are vegan and cruelty free, LMC spent years before launching doing research and development to attain their combination of high quality ingredients. This company was started in Erica’s kitchen and all of the packaging was done in home with the help of her family initially. All of the ingredients were meant to be silky smooth and healthy for the skin and lips. The glitter side is versatile and can be used on the lips, face, body or even in the hair for glitterage.

My favorite styles!


$22.00 USD

Transcend into an ethereal unicorn with this shimmery purple matte lipgloss shade paired with multi-colored unicorn glitter gloss.

The satin matte feel of this gloss will keep your lips feeling soft and supple with a full coverage vibrant pop of purple with delicate hints of vanilla. Be a one of kind unicorn by using your artistry to create a unique mythical look!


$22.00 USD

Bring your mermaid dreams to life with this soft and sparkly golden nude tone paired with a vibrant iridescent green and copper shell glitter gloss!  Make waves at any occasion by transforming yourself into a real life mermaid. This long lasting vanilla infused silky shade will have you feeling MER-MAZING!

The glitter side can be used on the eyes, face, body, hair, lips or nails! The glitter in the products is contained and doesn’t explode or make a huge mess when you open it like free glitter typically does. The packaging is compact and can be used for on-the-go application or reapplication!  As always it is vegan and cruelty free.


LMC was brought to life by Erica combining her two passions of events and cosmetics. It was her desire to make on-the-go glitter application easy as well as to eliminate the troublesome mess of glitter explosions. To learn more, you can visit lipmermaid.com.