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    Unicorn Glitter Meets Cosmetics

    Lip Mermaid Cosmetics (LMC), matte lip gloss with glitter shapes such as unicorns and butterflies, announced today they have officially launched their first six products that can be purchased at lipmermaid.com. They’re based in San Diego, CA and were founded by Erica Taylor in October 2018. Lip Mermaid Cosmetics’ mission is to encourage unique self-expression by creating a brand that allows the beauty community to transcend their makeup artistry by exploring new adventurous looks through incorporating glitter shapes. Chosen as a FABcon 2020 Top 50 FAB leader in Fashion Apparel and Beauty, Erica Taylor, CEO of LMC is set to speak at the convention at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this winter. “At LMC we aspire to…

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