August is officially here and this is the hottest month in a year – a lot of heat, a lot of sweat. What should we do to keep our skin clean? One of the best solutions is to use refining mask to clean the pore, keep the skin fresh.

Juice Beauty’s new Bamboo Pore Refining Mask is designed to help refine pores and detox the skin. This luscious aromatic mask provides a deep clean utilizing activated bamboo charcoal made from renewable and sustainable bamboo plants, as well as unique clay ingredients. The newest addition to the award winning Blemish Clearing Skincare Collection is formulated with a unique blend of AHA’s and PHA’s (Alpha and Polyhydroxy Acids) to help unclog pores by purifying deep-dwelling impurities and daily pollutants, leaving skin softer, smoother and more even toned. Designed for all skin types and especially recommended for oil, combination, and blemish-prone skin.

Bamboo Pore Refining Mask

$36 USD / $48 CAD Size: 2.0 fl. oz. / 60 mL

Benefits & Ingredients:

• The absorbent properties of Activated Bamboo Charcoal combined with Bentonite and Kaolin Clay help draw out excess oil, impurities and daily pollutants from deep within pores resulting in a healthier, clearer-looking complexion.

• Rich phenols, flavonoids and lignans provide rich nutrients and antioxidants.

• Organic Aloe helps calm and hydrate skin.

• A unique blend of alpha and polyhydroxy acids (AHAs & PHAs) such as Malic Acid (from organic apples), Citric Acid (from organic lemons), along with Lactic and Phytic Acids exfoliate to reveal smoother-looking and softer-feeling skin.

• Dual-action Aspen Bark acts as an antimicrobial and leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and


• Salicylic Acid helps clear clogged pores and gently exfoliates to clarify skin.

“Treating oily or blemish-prone skin can sometimes be very harsh on the skin. At Juice Beauty, we formulate all our Blemish Clearing products with antioxidant-rich organic ingredients to hydrate while clearing the skin. This new mask does just that – it provides a wonderful detox without stripping the skin – a win win!”

-Karen Behnke, Founder, Juice Beauty

About Juice Beauty:

JUICE BEAUTY IS THE ORGANIC SOLUTION. The ‘OG’-Original Green antioxidant-rich skincare & plant-based makeup.

  • Cleaning up Beauty since 2005.
  • Vegan. Cruelty Free. Sustainable.
  • Certified Organic Ingredients. Wellness. Farm to Beauty.
  • Clinically validated formulas. Authentically organic ingredients.
  • Every Organic Drop Feeds Your Skin.

Karen Behnke, a serial wellness entrepreneur who built one of the first corporate wellness companies in the country, became passionate about the safety and efficacy of personal care products upon becoming pregnant with her first child at the age of 40. Karen set out to find healthy skincare solutions that delivered visible results. She quickly discovered the majority of leading personal care products on the market contained many chemical ingredients that were potentially harmful to the body some of which had been banned from our food. Knowing that skin absorbs up to 60% of what is placed on it, she wanted to create meaningful change through advanced beauty solutions that worked better, and were better for you, than conventional products. Juice Beauty harnesses the best of certified organic ingredients to deliver clinically validated skincare and vibrant plant-pigment makeup.

Today, Juice Beauty, headquartered in a beautiful sustainable building in Northern California with a stunning farm in Sonoma County, offers antioxidant-rich and amazingly effective skincare and makeup formulas that meet the rigorous organic product regulations in the United States.

Juice Beauty is available for purchase at, ULTA Beauty, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Blue Mercury, Dillard’s, Credo, and In Canada, available at Sephora.