Why Eye Area Skincare Isn’t Just For Beauty Lovers

Skincare that focuses on delicate eye areas isn’t just for the anti-aging product lovers and beauty junkies. We all need to protect the skin around the windows to our souls. While there are many products we can use for facial skincare, most are not formulated for this thin skin.

Eyetitude products specifically focus on this most delicate area of your face with ingredients that repair and rejuvenate. Combining science with nature using cutting-edge formulas, the brand meets everyone’s eye needs.

There’s more to worry about than fine lines and wrinkles. Our everyday environment wreaks havoc on our skin to begin with, but especially around our eye area. 

For athletes and outdoor adventurers spending time in the sun, Eyetitude gives them extra care to combat sun damage. Even those constantly working on a computer aren’t safe as UV light from the computer affects skin.


NoCrowZ Retinol Eye Cream – Don’t let the creamy texture fool you. Behind this advanced strength pro formula there’s cutting-edge technology that allows delivery of retinol and other supportive ingredients deep into the skin targeting fine lines and wrinkles.

EyeZ-luronic Serum – This formula containing key ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Japanese tea extracts is perfect not only for your eyes, but for the anti-aging concerns of your face, neck and decollete. As the serum generates cell turnover for stronger firmer skin, you feel silky smooth.

MicroNeedZ Eye Patches – When puffiness, dark circles and fine lines are at its worse, it is recommended to use Eyetitude patches twice a week for the first two weeks, then one week thereafter for maintenance. Add a drop of your favorite cream or serum under each patch for easy removal after usage. Optimal results when using while sleeping.

Eyetitude creates biocompatible formulas that can also be used on problematic skin outside of the eye area, which is great news for busy moms and those on the go who only have time to use one product.