Kiss Kiss Goodnight baby products

Set the tone for bedtime with Kiss Kiss Goodnight’s Lullaby melting balm cleanser. Created by founder and organic skincare formulator, Shelly Winokur, this award-winning collection is thoughtfully made with her own experiences as a mother in mind to offer a sweet and simple way for families to end the day.

So many moms swear by a bedtime routine and I am no exception. Children like patterns so they know what to expect and feel more control in their lives. When I first tried the Discovery kit, I felt relaxed immediately. My son is active as any toddler is and he usually unwinds during bath time. All the products are easy to use and of premium quality plant based ingredients, which we love.

Step 1 of 3 begins with the Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser, inspired by Korean and Ayurvedic cleansing techniques that are great for connecting momma and baby. First, apply to baby’s dry skin and massage. Baby massage is excellent as it assists in relaxation and helps soothe them asleep faster with less fuss. After massaging, watch as the soothing massage gel transforms into a gentle cleansing milk when baby is placed in bathwater, creating a nourishing milkbath. This deeply hydrating formula is perfect for baby’s sensitive microbiome and skin barrier, leaving the skin soft and kissable.

Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this 3-in-1 cleanser features organic cold-pressed kalahari melon seed oil, coconut oil, and other skin loving ingredients that create the perfect balance of omega 6 & 9 without any preservatives, fragrances, or essential oils. Mommas can even use the formula as a light makeup remover!

The entire Discovery Kit is available at for $24.