6 Tips for Improving Dry and Damaged Hair

From wrapping your hair into a messy bun to intricate braids, there are a lot of interesting things you could do with your hair. For one occasion, you can try beach waves and for another event, you can put your hair in plaits. Try every hairstyle you want, but you must also beware of over-stressing and over-styling your hair, as it is the primary cause of hair damage. 

Frizzy and dry hair is usually the result of colouring or bleaching your hair, using heating tools regularly, or using low-quality hair sprays. All of these things can damage your hair for good. Not only do these hair styling products damage your hair follicles, but they can affect your entire scalp. If you suffer from dry or damaged hair, try these top tips to repair your hair and regain your shine!

  1. Avoid Brushing or Styling Wet Hair

Hair strands are super vulnerable when they are wet, especially if you have brittle or fine hair that breaks easily. If you can’t wait for your hair to dry naturally, then use a wet hairbrush that’s designed for fragile hair. A wide-tooth comb and hair-detangling conditioners can help you detangle your wet hair smoothly.

Brushing your hair after the shower is a big no-no! The best thing to do is leave your hair for a few minutes to air dry naturally and then brush the strands with a wide-toothed comb. Even then, you must detangle the locks carefully.

  1. Do No Use High-Temperature Heating Tools Frequently

Hair straighteners and curlers are the magic wands that turn your plain and boring strands into voluminous, curly, and dramatic hair that looks flawless. However, with these heating tools comes the high temperature that can make your locks brittle and prone to damage. The least you can do is set the temperature of the heating tools to the middle-range. 

Even the thickest hair only needs medium heat, so why expose your hair to high temperatures? In fact, we recommend you avoid heat styling products altogether and replace them with hair styling creams and gels. There are styling formulas that are designed to form luscious waves without the use of heat.

  1. Condition Your Hair and Try Hair Masks 

Frizzy and damaged hair can be repaired if you use hair products that restore moisture. Find the right hair conditioner that can moisturise your hair and add essential nutrients and vitamins to your scalp. A hair mask is highly recommended for those with dry or damaged hair. It comes loaded with a range of vitamins and natural oils that hydrate your locks and keep them in good shape. Hair conditioners and masks should be left in for at least 10 to 20 minutes for best results. 

  1. Trim Your Hair Regularly

You must be wondering about the link between hair trimming and dry hair. Well, you don’t have to cut your hair short or get a layered hairstyle. Just the ends of your hair, especially the split ends must be trimmed regularly.

Regular haircuts are an absolute necessity to avoid split ends, which in turn can cause frizziness and hair breakage. Shampoos and conditioners with active ingredients can help prevent split ends on some level, but if it goes beyond a certain point, your ultimate solution will be a hair specialist. Visit a hair salon and get a professional hair treatment for your dry and damaged hair follicles.

  1. Always Use Moisturizing Shampoos and Leave-in Creams

One of the reasons for excess hair fall is dry hair. If you keep your scalp parched, your hair strands will get dry and frizzy. So, when you run a comb through these strands, you will notice clumps of hair falling out. While this can be caused by a range of things, in most cases it occurs due to dry hair. 

The easiest way to avoid hair damage is by keeping your hair hydrated. Now, rinsing your hair with lukewarm water or oiling the scalp will not address this issue. To prevent dryness and frizziness, you should use moisturizing shampoos combined with leave-in creams. Also pay attention to the ingredients list of any products you use. For example, only use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners if you are dealing with dry and damaged hair. 

  1. Limit the Use of Chemicals 

There’s no doubt that coloured hair look fabulous. However, there’s a limit to everything and your hair is not an exception. A solid hair care routine includes high-quality shampoos and limited chemicals, which includes chemical hair dyes. Do not colour your hair too often and you should wear a scarf or sunscreen hair cream when you are going out in sun to protect your hair from harmful UV radiation. 

It’s never too late to start a hair care routine. The above tips will help you get started with a perfect hair regimen that will protect your hair and preventing dryness and frizziness.