Invited to an Indian Wedding? Here is what you can wear to steal the show

So you’ve been invited to an Indian wedding. What’s next? 

You’ve probably heard about how colourful and glamorous Indian events are but if you’ve never attended one, you are in for a shocker.  Choosing an outfit can be a mind-boggling affair if you are not familiar with Indian events. Regardless, who says you cannot be the reason heads turn? Absolutely no one. We’ve done the hard work and combined a list of the best wears that will make you steal the show at your next wedding party.

What you should know before deciding what to wear

First things first, two points are important to note before you decide what to wear to that wedding

1. Go bright: 

Weddings are for celebrations and nothing depicts a celebratory mood than a bright hue. No matter the season or venue, bright colours are associated with celebrations while dark colours are associated with sad events and situations. When invited to a party, look for attires that are brightly coloured and don them on. Red is mostly for brides so you may consider choosing any other colour.

2. Make it traditional: 

Weddings provide an opportunity for you to showcase your individuality. True! You should know however that Indian weddings are steep in tradition and putting on a traditional attire will help you better embrace tradition and culture. Thus when making a choice of what to wear, remember to go for traditional wear. Fusion wear that combines modern elements with traditional elements may be a good idea too.

3. Accessories: 

Combined rightly, your accessories can help touch up how you look. From the footwear to the clutch bags, the pieces of jewellery, Indian ornaments are known for their elegant finishes and breathtaking designs. Ensure you know and have the right accessories for your cloth and body.


What you can wear to steal the show

1. Sarees

Sarees bring out the beauty and poise of the woman. It can be worn in a variety of styles including the stylish butterfly style, pants style, cocktail style. Of these, the cocktail style leads given the ease of wearing, gorgeousness and fashion associated with it.


2. Anarkali Salwar Suits: 

You can never go wrong with an Anarkali salwar suit which has just the right amount of what is modern and in vogue. The salwar suit is known for its lengthy flares which draws attention to the room and gives you a sweeping effect as she walks across the room, there are newer designs that favour shorter flares.


3. Lehenga: 

As water is indispensable to the body, so is the lehenga to the Indian wedding. A Bollywood lehenga look will have heads turning in your direction. You can combine an embroidered lehenga with a crop top for a magical outlook. Use with an oxidized earring, a matching necklace, fancy footwear, and an inviting clutch and you are bound to become the center of attraction in the room.


4. Sharara Style Salwar Suit

The Sharara suit will make you an all-time wonder when its flare is combined with a salwar kameez style. Absolute perfection right at your fingertips for that wedding.


Indian wedding celebrations are associated with brightness and gaiety and you certainly deserve to shine bright like a diamond. Wearing any of these attires is a good way to show up brightly, steal the show,and leave your audience mesmerized.