It’s finally beach weather again in South California! Do you have your sunglasses prepared?

I feel January and February are the coldest month in San Diego. Well, when I say cold, it is not the type of Winter cold, it’s more like Spring or Fall. You know, we don’t really have a Winter Winter. But as a San Diegan, I need my beach life comes back soon than later. The coming of March means I can enjoy beach trips more often from now on. Sunglasses are the most important thing you should always have when you go to beach. The sunshine of California is lovely, but the same time it is dangerous. It can hurt your eyes easily. Please enjoying the beach with a pair of nice sunglasses.

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If you have very sensitive eyes to the sunlight. Luckily, has Prescription Sunglasses Frames. Sun-sensitive lenses are also known by the brand name Transitions, and the technical name “photochromic“. Sun-sensitive lenses automatically darken to a moderate shade when they are exposed to the ultra-violet rays of direct sunlight. When the direct sunlight is removed, the lenses lighten again. Sun-sensitive lenses are typically only available in brown and grey. Sun-sensitive lenses are available in the normal range of vision correction for prescription sunglasses.

A photochromic lens has some limitations. First, the lens needs ultra-violet light to darken, and it will darken more slowly or incompletely if the lens is not in direct sunlight. For example, if you are wearing a hat, or if it is cloudy, or if you are inside an automobile, the lenses may darken slowly or not completely. Second, it could take up to eight minutes for lenses to transition from dark back to clear. So if you are in-and-out of the sun, the lenses may not be dark or clear when you want them to be. Third, photochromic lenses do not become completely clear indoors, but retain a light tint that may not appeal to people who want completely clear lenses indoors.

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