Portable Aircons – Because Why Not Be Mobile?


There is a lot to be said for small air con units. It does not take up lots of space and become an eyesore and manages to do a great job of cooling personal space. But what if you expected more power from what you bought or worry about missing cool features that make the larger models unique. Why not take an in-depth look at portable air con units, to find out how you can benefit? 

Find a brand you trust.

A well-known brand name almost always guaranteed good performance, particularly when it comes to appliances. But have you ever stopped to consider the difference between reliable and durable? Let us start there.

In order to be considered durable, appliances should last long and not break. The results of quality testing will give you an idea about how durable your unit is likely to be. 

Reliable means that you will go for that model time and again, based on predictable performance according to the manufacturer’s promise. 

How does a portable air con clean the air? 

Portable air cons rely on a system of filters to help purify the air of pollen, spores, bacteria, and other impurities. Some models have built-in air filters, while others have removable ones. When a model has an air purifier integrated into the design, it can also help to reduce he relative humidity in the space for cleaner, fresher air. 

If your filters are dirty, they cannot work properly, so be sure to always clean and maintain your air filters regularly – in general, every two weeks should do. 

Dirty filters are prone to blocking, which will in turn inhibit the unit’s ability to do what it must. Blocked filters will also prevent the unit from effectively cooling air, as the process relies on air being rapidly sucked into the machine. 

Your machine will work harder to do what you need it to do, and your energy consumption will increase. It is much easier and a lot cheaper to regularly maintain your AC filters. 

Go for trustworthy, reliable brands.

Brands that have an established reputation to uphold, are more likely to produce higher quality appliances. Find out as much as possible about their after-sales policies and practices, and whether they offer warranties or maintenance plans. A brand that is proud of their product will give you fewer reasons to return it due to defects. 

How do I know it is the right portable aircon for my space? 

Whether you need to use one as an augmentation to an existing fixed system, or whether you just prefer something smaller and more mobile, a portable air con answers a multitude of personal climate control matters. A small, compact, and portable air con is a great way of breaking the discomfort of heat in your immediate space. Not only are portable aircons easy to put out of sight and out of mind when not in use, they are often much cheaper than fixed systems, and best of all – you can take it wherever you go!