Women’s Month Must Have – A Fun Art Print of Yoga with Dog and Trader Joe’s? You Got It!

Lulu’s fun and fine art prints make your dream come true at this Women’s Month! Practicing your daily yoga with doggie and Trader Joe’s favorite items together.

These prints are originally drawn by artist Lulu, who has two master degrees in fine arts. For this artwork, she combines yoga, dog and her favorite Trader Joe’s items together.

Being a woman, we have so many things to take care of, we go grocery shopping, we take care of our pets, and of course we want to keep healthy. But all of these things, we got it, we have the ability to take care of our life, because we are confident and powerful.

If you want to know more about this artwork, you can get the print at Lulu’s Etsy Store, and you can also find more fun prints at there, such as the most popular Everything But The Bagel Seasoning print.

You can check out Lulu’s Etsy Store for her artwork, and follow her on her Instagram @qululululu.