CBD Living Sleep for Vivid new Dreams and Rest

Sometimes after a busy week, it is hard to unwind but last month I went to visit Zion National Park and at the hotel, I was tired but couldn’t sleep! I remembered that I bought my gummies! CBD Living‘s Sleep line can help. The US-based CBD company features two products specifically designed to help you achieve restful sleep – PM Gummies with 25 mg of broad-spectrum nano CBD and 5 mg Melatonin per serving, and Unwind Sleep Aid Syrup with 25 mg of CBD and 2 mg of Melatonin per serving (available in Cherry and Grape flavors). Both products are entirely vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and 100% THC-free.
The taste was not awful but it wasn’t like a candy. There was a distinct new taste I wasn’t familiar with. After chewing and swallowing I felt a full body relaxation within 20-30 minutes. I was able to unwind and truly rest my mind. When I was sleeping, I had some pretty vivid dreams about a journey with a friend and intimate conversations about strategy! It was in a place I had never been but it felt very familiar. Remember THC is what makes you ‘high’ but CBD has all the benefits without the ‘high’ feeling. I would recommend these sleep products to deal with everyday stress and improve your sleep experience overall!