35 Inspiring Challenges to Fuel Your Artistic Journey and Creative Practice

Feeling stuck in a creative rut? Overcome those mental blocks with Dare to Create: 35 Challenges to Boost Your Creative Practice [9781681987354, $24.95, April 2021] by Marie Boudon, a new full-color book offering more than 30 inspiring challenges to get you back on track and help you make beautiful art.

Trying to balance her uninspiring day job with her budding passion for watercolors, engineer-turned-artist Marie Boudon often felt lost as she searched for her creative path. “Where should I start? How should I move forward? How should I organize myself? How could I find my own style? Most of the time, these questions kept me from moving forward, and I spent entire weeks at a time just thinking about the best way to do things,” she said.

Dare to Create is the ultimate guide for fueling your artistic journey, from your first steps to the expression of your own style. Whatever level you are at (beginner or expert), and whatever your artistic practice (photography, drawing, painting, collage, etc.), Dare to Create will accompany you as you practice your art and also guide you in your mental practice, which is essential to your progress. The colorful book includes advice on how to ‘let go,’ exercises to awaken your imagination, techniques to forge your own creative process and avoid dead ends, inspirational testimonies from beloved artists and creators, and more.

• Advice on how to “let go”

• Exercises to awaken your imagination and inspire

• Techniques to forge your own creative process and avoid dead ends

• Inspirational testimonies from beloved artists and creators

And much, much more!

When you need your next shot of inspiration, Dare to Create will be your muse.

After working for three years as a renewable-energy engineer in Paris, MARIE BOUDON decided in 2017 to start her business working in watercolors, a medium that she finds fascinating. Since then, she has been offering fresh, modern video courses on her website. Bringing together her work and her passion, teaching herself, and professionalizing her art have not always been easy. She realized that the questions she had about the creative process were questions that many other artists shared, no matter what their history or their specialty, which gave her the idea to write Dare to Create. Find her online at tribulationsdemarie.com, on Instagram (@tribulationsdemarie) and YouTube (Tribulations de Marie)