nudge – A New Oral Care Subscription Box That Is Seriously Going to Change How You Take Care of Your Teeth

nudge launch offers a hassle-free solution in high quality
and eco-friendly options delivered straight to your door. 

nudge™ has launched its first oral care subscription package designed to simplify oral care with high quality, natural, fluoride-free and sustainable products. nudge™ customers will receive an oral care package once every two months; an optimized purchasing cadence that is specifically designed to help instill better oral hygiene habits, while saving on time, money and stress. Starting at just $19.99 per box, each delivery includes a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, all-natural/fluoride-free toothpaste in a recyclable tube, alcohol-free concentrated mouthwash in a glass bottle, and compostable silk dental floss.

Acting as your dental hygienist in a box, nudge™ is specifically designed for busy professionals to save time and money. “We want to help busy people get the most out of their oral care routine. Whether they want an easier way of going about their hygiene regiments, better ingredients, or less waste” noted E-Commerce Manager, Mathieu Comeau. “Taking great care of your teeth shouldn’t be a hassle.”

The plethora of options in the oral care aisle can be overwhelming and confusing. Research indicates category confusion around the best oral care regimen, which products  are safe for the microbiome of the mouth, and what to look for in effective ingredients. “In the past, oral care has been a category that has flown under the radar with respect to ingredients…which is a bit confounding considering these are products we are literally put in our mouths” said Comeau. “It’s hard to find quality and natural ingredients when looking at conventional oral care products on store shelves. nudge™ recognizes that products we put in our bodies should be treated with the utmost integrity applying clean-sourced, natural ingredients that are effective in oral health.”

Honoring that sustainability is also important to their consumer audience, nudge™ specifically designed their products to reduce waste. Last year, 1.2 billion toothbrushes were thrown away in the U.S. These brushes are most often made of plastic that will take over 400 years to degrade. nudge™ is proud to include a 100% compostable bamboo brush in their subscription box as well as compostable silk floss in a reusable glass container.

nudge™ looks to put conscious oral care back on consumers radar without adding more work.  Starting at as low as $19.99 a box, nudge™ offers multiple different subscription models based on your personal needs and oral care goals.

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nudge™ is the push you needed to make better decisions. nudge™ is specifically designed to make your life easier, more sustainable and healthier. Dedicated to helping even the busiest person find time in their day to make better habits, nudge™ is proud to be a part of your daily routine. Learn more at and tag us @shop_nudge on Instagram.