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    NĀ KOA Leather Launches New Wallets with Tattoo Art by Award-Winning Polynesian Tattoo Artists

    The coolest Father’s Day gift is here. I know people living on islands and coastal areas love tattoo, or appreciate tattoo art. Both Ryan and I love it, although we don’t have tattoo on us, but we appreciate the cool and unique tattoo art a lot. Here at San Diego, tattoo culture is very popular. Well, some people get tattoo on them, and some people don’t for a lot of reasons. But this tattoo wallet makes your tattoo art dream come true. You don’t need to have tattoo on your body, but to carry it with you all the time. Dads will definitely appreciate this tattoo-dream gift.

    The NĀ KOA® line of leather goods with authentic Polynesian tattoo art (www.nakoa.com) introduces four wallets with tattoo art by Che Pilago (Kona, Big Island of Hawaii), Kuaika Quenga (Maui, Hawaii), Sulu’ape Akiu “Q” Sale (Oahu, Hawaii), and Sulu’ape Si’i Liufau (Orange County, California).

    Polynesian tattoos are composed of a variety of ancient motifs, which the artists use to express meanings.

    For example, Samoan tattoo artist Si’i Sulu’ape Liufau chose the central images of a fish hook and the mana lua navigational motif for a design that talks about the strength and discipline to provide for the family, and accomplishing your goals, dreams and hopes. He also included the practical matters of your daily path to earn money, and holding on to your money – perfect for a wallet!

    Big island tattoo artist Che Pilago incorporated his Hawaiian as well as French Polynesian roots to create a modern Marquesas style tattoo design that is all about moving forward in life. He combined French Polynesian and some Hawaiian motifs to create a forward-looking tiki face. Look closely, and you’ll see tiki ears and enata to represent tiki eyes. The shark teeth motif adds strength and Che’s take on the koru fern motif further points to the future.

    “NĀ KOA was started as a labor of love,” says Andrea Buter, the founder of the brand. “At the time, I couldn’t be sure that tattoo artists with a deep understanding of the cultural significance of Polynesian tattoos would give me the time of day, let alone create original art for NĀ KOA.”

    “All I had going for me was a sincere passion for the art and underlying culture, and a burning desire to create quality products that connect Pacific Islanders to their roots. It’s so gratifying that renowned and award-winning artists like Si’i, Che, Kuaika and Q, are entrusting me with their creations.”

    The NĀ KOA website includes explanations of all tattoo designs and their origins with each item on offer.

    About NĀ KOA

    The NĀ KOA product line of leather accessories with Polynesian tattoo art was launched in 2015 as a labor of love by Patch of Shade, Inc owner Andrea Butter after several years of research.

    The product line launched with a small collection of men’s bifold wallets and card holders. Today you can choose from a wide variety of men’s and women’s wallets, cuff wristlets, and even bags, with authentic tattoo art created by award-winning tattoo artists with Hawaiian, Maori, Marquesan, Samoan, and Tahitian backgrounds and training.

    Each tattoo design combines motifs and images that create meanings and tell a story. The art gets placed on leather using a proprietary process that makes the art completely durable yet preserves the characteristic touch of the genuine, quality leather.

    NĀ KOA products can be found at www.nakoa.com and across Hawaii in stores that offer Hawaiian and Polynesian cultural products, including the Pacifica shop at the Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Honolulu.

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    Never Let Bad Habits Get in The Way of A Good Smooch. Choose Nudge!

    Ditch your old and dusty oral care arsenal for a sustainable, all natural, worry-free oral care package from Nudge, which is the
    Oral Care Package designed for all the busy cats out there. So there is no more excuses to hold onto those bad habits. Nudge Oral Care Box is waiting to make its way to your doorstep. Good habits have never been so easy.

    In your Oral Care Package you’ll find two toothbrushes, 1 tube of toothpaste, a floss roll in a reusable glass container, as well as a handy travel bag; all carefully crafted to meet your needs and fit your values.

    Nudge™ Oral Care Box

    Price $25.00

    Delivered to your doorstep every other month

    Nudge has carefully crafted the products inside this box based on core values they believe should be stood by in the future of product development. Get your free toilet pouch along with your first order and regularly receive:

    • Fluoride-free natural toothpaste
    • 2 sustainably sourced bamboo toothbrushes
    • 100% biodegradable floss
    • Clean and fresh concentrated mouthwash

    What’s in the box?

    • Mint & grapefruit natural toothpaste – Nudge wants nothing more than to offer you smooth products, good flavors, and that oh-so-fresh feeling. All-natural, and fluoride-free.

    • Soft bristles sustainable bamboo toothbrush – Nudge toothbrushes are always offered in a pack of two, which is clearly better than one. Stash the second one, bring it to the office or share your oral care package, the choice is yours!

    • Mouthwash Concentrate – An alcohol-free formula that is also the cherry on top of a good oral health care routine. Use with moderation, or not.

    • Clean sustainable silk flossA sustainable essential. Nudge dental floss made of candelilla wax will withstand almost any level of floss sliding intensity.

    nudge™ looks to put conscious oral care back on consumers radar without adding more work.  Starting at as low as $19.99 a box, nudge™ offers multiple different subscription models based on your personal needs and oral care goals. To learn more about nudge™, visit https://shopnudge.com/ or follow them on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter. To learn more about the products offered in the nudge™ subscription box, visit https://shopnudge.com/products/oral-care .


    nudge™ is the push you needed to make better decisions. nudge™ is specifically designed to make your life easier, more sustainable and healthier. Dedicated to helping even the busiest person find time in their day to make better habits, nudge™ is proud to be a part of your daily routine. Learn more at https://shopnudge.com/ and tag us @shop_nudge on Instagram.



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    Is underwear a stupid gift to give dad on Father’s Day? The Answer is …

    Is underwear a stupid gift to give dad on Father’s Day? According to the makers of SwampButt Underwear it is not. In addition to their obvious bias, making underwear for men, the plain fact is that many men will not buy underwear for themselves.

    This is real, I want to take my family for example. My mother in law is in charge of the underwear for every male members in the family. And yes, she is the only female before both of her sons got married. Even now, my husband and his brother still get underwear present at every Christmas.

    • Unreliable Sources

    Relying instead on their wives or girlfriends to keep them supplied. This approach is not conducive to a reliable set of undergarments for the male populace as the women in their lives tend to come and go (mostly go). “A man will literally walk right out of his worn, stained, droopy, drawers before admitting he might need something new,” said fashionista, social commentator, and SwampButt Underwear spokesman Nick Heraldson. “So before he has to tie his sad undershorts in place with a rope or piece of electrical cord, please order him some new SwampButt Underwear.”

    • Origin of Father’s Day

    According to Google (www.google.com) Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington at the YMCA in 1910 by a woman, Sonora Smart Dodd, who was born in Arkansas. Its first celebration was in the Spokane YMCA on June 19, 1910. Her father, the Civil War veteran William Jackson Smart, was a single parent who raised his six children there. “You have to admire a man who survived war and single parenthood, especially before indoor plumbing was universal,” said amateur historian and SwampButt Underwear spokesman Nick Heraldson. Dodd’s attention strayed to art and art school after the initial celebrations of Father’s Day. In the 1930’s Dodd finished with art school and returned to Spokane where she again promoted the celebration of Father’s Day.

    • Counterpoint to Mother’s Day                                                                                              

    Given that Dodd and her five siblings were raised by their widowed father it made sense to her that fathers were due some recognition. With the help of businesses that would profit from Father’s Day, (the manufacturers of ties, tobacco pipes, crudely worded t-shirt makers, golf equipment, lawn tools or fishing gear, and any traditional present to fathers) Dodd and her day for dads was set.  In 1938, Dodd had the help of ‘The Father’s Day Council’, founded by the New York Associated Men’s Wear Retailers to consolidate and systematize the commercial promotion of Father’s Day. The rest is retail history. “It would be cynical for us to speculate that the people who helped Sonora Smart Dodd promote Father’s Day were only interested in making money,” Heraldson said. “So, we will leave that to others who are already cynical about what motivated the original supporters of Father’s Day to continue with their skepticism.”

    • Scheduling to Coincide                                                                                                              

    The U.S. Open golf tournament is scheduled to finish on Father’s Day, as was the 2016 NBA Finals. The FireKeepers Casino 400 NASCAR auto race at Michigan International Speedway is sometimes held on Father’s Day.

    • Non-Cynical Bargain                                                                                                                 

    Get 25% off your purchase of SwampButt Underwear this Father’s Day. Just use the code “Dad 2021” and get 25% off your entire purchase. The amount will be subtracted during check-out. This applies to all of our SwampButt Underwear Made In the USA Brand garments.

    About SwampButt Underwear                                                                                 

    SwampButt Underwear is a real company that makes and sells a product that helps solve a real problem.  SwampButt Underwear is perfect for the guy who has sweat issues south of the belt or just likes to be comfortable. These incredible drawers were created to draw sweat away from the skin and are made with 91% polyester and 9% spandex.

    • Form fitting with natural coverage
    • Wicks away moisture for improved wear-ability
    • Quick drying
    • Extends to mid-thigh
    • Great strength and resilience
    • Signature logo on waistband
    • Machine wash and dry


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    YouBody – Patented Technology That Is Guaranteed to Take Your Shower Experience to The Next Level

    Upgrade your and your family’s clean routine today. youbody™‘s patented technology creates a shower experience like no other, producing incredible lather and making your skin feel silky smooth. The youbody™ system was designed to work together to give you that just-left-the-spa, one-of-a-kind clean that leaves your body soft, smooth, and smelling amazing all day long. You’ll be looking for any excuse to get into the shower.

    This waterless body wash system can be personalized through an online quiz based on Dad’s preferences. Now he won’t have to steal Mom’s body wash in the shower because he will have his own custom scent. Youbody was created by former product developer for AXE, Heather Fritzsche, who set out to design an eco-friendly alternative to body wash that is unlike anything else on the market. In addition to creating less water waste, you can make the product your own with 8 different scent packets. The packets break down into clean energy in just 120 days and are sulfate-free, sulfite-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic. The pods are made to last for 2+ years and dishwasher safe for proper cleaning.

    youbody Body wash that totally gets you

    • Choose from our line of youbody essences to mix and match. Upgrade your clean routine with premium body wash made just for you, by you.
    • Blend up to 4 essences for a scent you’ll never go wrong with. Seriously, blend any together. We made it that way so you can make it yours.
    • Save the planet with every shower. Every essence packet breaks down into clean energy so you can feel good (and smell even better) with youbody™.
    • Get your customized subscription box delivered to your door. Switch up your essences whenever you want.

    youbody™ starter kit – $50

    Starter Kit Includes:

    • 1 patented youbodypod™
    • 5 boxes of waterless body wash
    • 5 packets in each box

    How does it work:

    1. Fill the youbodypod™ to the top with water.
    2. Add 3-4 packets of powdered body wash for over a weeks worth of showers.
    3. Shake to mix and enjoy lather like no other!
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Sulfate Free & Sulfite Free
    • Paraben Free
    • Dye Free
    • Sulfite Free

    Customize your shower experience while reducing water and plastic waste. youbody™’ can let you choose your own scent of body wash with packets ( vs plastic bottles ) that break down into clean energy in 120 days. This means less water waste (since most conventional bottles of body wash are 80% water) and less plastic on our planet.

    Think about this for a second: a truck that can carry enough bottled body wash for about 1 million showers can hold enough youbody essence packets for 7 million showers. It’s time to wash with the planet in mind. All youbody™ essence packets are sustainable and eco-friendly, breaking down into clean energy in just 120 days. Ready to save the world? Plus youbody is Sulfate Free, Sulfite Free, Silicone Free, Dye Free, and Paraben Free. For rejuvenated and healthy skin, order your youbody™ Starter Kit today at youbodycare.com.




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    Donginbi expands product range focusing on men’s skincare needs utilizing red ginseng

    If you haven’t heard of K-Beauty, you are so outdated. Because everyone loves it and it is getting more and more popular all around the world. I think probably all the ladies in your family know and even enjoy K-Beauty. This Father’s Day, it is the great opportunity to introduce K-Beauty to the men in your family.
    Premium Korean beauty skincare brand from Korea Ginseng Corp (KGC), DONGINBI, launched an exclusive men’s skincare collection Red Ginseng Homme Power available on Amazon. DONGINBI was created in 1899, based on internationally recognized manufacturing company Cheong Kwan Jang’s philosophy of creating Korean red ginseng for external use. Keeping in line with the brand’s original product formulations, the men’s collection utilizes red ginseng offering a number of powerful skin-enhancing benefits, such as increased firmness, elasticity and an even complexion.
    DONGINBI’s Red Ginseng Homme Power collection is designed to target skincare needs that are specific to men including intense moisturization, soft application, and a non-sticky absorbent formula. DONGINBI utilizes a powerful technology obtained from red ginseng condensation, red ginseng glucan, and red ginseng ceramide called Hydro Locking System to supply men’s skin with a stronger, deeper moisturization.
    Three products in the collection including Red Ginseng Homme Power Deep Cleasing Foam 120mLRed Ginseng Homme Power All-in-One Fluid, and a Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing Set complete with five products for a complete daily and travel size set; Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing Toner 120mL, Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisturizer Emulsion 120mL, Red Ginseng Homme Power Deep Cleansing Foam 50mL, Ginseng Homme Power Moisture Balancing 15mL, and Red Ginseng Homme Power Moisturizer Emulsion 15mL. The collection is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe the skin, improve skin cell regeneration, and fight free-radical damage, which make DONGINBI’s formulations perfect for all skin types, even the most sensitive.
    Referred to in Asia as the “root of immortality,” DONGINBI utilizes the precious ingredient red ginseng once it has been aged six years providing the most luxurious and advanced anti-aging skincare experience in Korean skincare.
    The set is for all skin types and contains Homme toner 120ml, Homme Emulsion 120ml, Homme cleansing foam 50ml, Homme Toner 15ml, and Homme Emulsion 15ml. The active ginseng ingredient promotes firmness, elasticity, and brightness. These formulas are designed to moisturize specifically men’s skin without feeling sticky. 
    Toner that leaves the skin feeling fresh right after application with a non-sticky formula and is gentle even on newly shaved skin.
    Face cleanser with a rich texture that leaves the skin feeling smooth and hydrated. It has a fresh fragrance and is suitable for all skin types.

    DONGINBI is a gift that keeps on giving: using the nutritional properties of a 6-year old red ginseng, the complete skin care set is the perfect gift for men to surprise the dads in your family and encourage them to take more care of their skin!

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    nudge – A New Oral Care Subscription Box That Is Seriously Going to Change How You Take Care of Your Teeth

    nudge launch offers a hassle-free solution in high quality
    and eco-friendly options delivered straight to your door. 

    nudge™ has launched its first oral care subscription package designed to simplify oral care with high quality, natural, fluoride-free and sustainable products. nudge™ customers will receive an oral care package once every two months; an optimized purchasing cadence that is specifically designed to help instill better oral hygiene habits, while saving on time, money and stress. Starting at just $19.99 per box, each delivery includes a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush, all-natural/fluoride-free toothpaste in a recyclable tube, alcohol-free concentrated mouthwash in a glass bottle, and compostable silk dental floss.

    Acting as your dental hygienist in a box, nudge™ is specifically designed for busy professionals to save time and money. “We want to help busy people get the most out of their oral care routine. Whether they want an easier way of going about their hygiene regiments, better ingredients, or less waste” noted E-Commerce Manager, Mathieu Comeau. “Taking great care of your teeth shouldn’t be a hassle.”

    The plethora of options in the oral care aisle can be overwhelming and confusing. Research indicates category confusion around the best oral care regimen, which products  are safe for the microbiome of the mouth, and what to look for in effective ingredients. “In the past, oral care has been a category that has flown under the radar with respect to ingredients…which is a bit confounding considering these are products we are literally put in our mouths” said Comeau. “It’s hard to find quality and natural ingredients when looking at conventional oral care products on store shelves. nudge™ recognizes that products we put in our bodies should be treated with the utmost integrity applying clean-sourced, natural ingredients that are effective in oral health.”

    Honoring that sustainability is also important to their consumer audience, nudge™ specifically designed their products to reduce waste. Last year, 1.2 billion toothbrushes were thrown away in the U.S. These brushes are most often made of plastic that will take over 400 years to degrade. nudge™ is proud to include a 100% compostable bamboo brush in their subscription box as well as compostable silk floss in a reusable glass container.

    nudge™ looks to put conscious oral care back on consumers radar without adding more work.  Starting at as low as $19.99 a box, nudge™ offers multiple different subscription models based on your personal needs and oral care goals.

    To learn more about nudge™, visit https://shopnudge.com/ or follow them on InstagramFacebook, or Twitter. To learn more about the products offered in the nudge™ subscription box, visit https://shopnudge.com/products/oral-care .


    nudge™ is the push you needed to make better decisions. nudge™ is specifically designed to make your life easier, more sustainable and healthier. Dedicated to helping even the busiest person find time in their day to make better habits, nudge™ is proud to be a part of your daily routine. Learn more at https://shopnudge.com/ and tag us @shop_nudge on Instagram.