Samovar Tea Presents Premium & Organic Small-Batch Tea Kits for Father’s Day 2021

A modern, handcrafted tea experience, Samovar Tea® has a single mission: brewing the best cup of tea in the world. The Samovar Tea® collection is now available on their newly enhanced digital retail store (LINK). 3rd Wave tea offers an authentic alternative to coffee and mass-produced/flavored teas, introducing meticulously sourced craft tea to beverage connoisseurs and everyday people across the globe. Samovar Tea® has exquisite tea kits for Father’s Day 2021:

Would you be interested in including one of the Samovar Tea Kits in your forthcoming Father’s Day coverage?


Samovar Tea® brings simplicity to drinking premium tea, making it easy, accessible, and affordable. Founder Jesse Jacobs has taste-tested thousands of teas from his network of small family farms, to present only the top varieties on its new digital retail store. A first-of-its-kind tea experience, Samovar Tea® redefines tea as a high-quality, energizing, and healthy daily beverage.


Craftsmanship is at the heart of Samovar Tea®, come enjoy the best cup of tea you’ve ever had!


For more information regarding the Samovar Tea® kits, please visit:


The Essential Tea Set – Tea Kit #1:


You, Me and A Cup of Tea – Tea Kit #2:


Chai Brew Kit – Tea Kit #3:


Matcha Starter Set – Tea Kit #4: