Don’t Forget to Make Hydration A Priority as Weather Turns Dryer And Dryer

Stay hydrated so you can keep up with your plans for the rest of the year! HidrateSpark invented the Smart Water Bottle to improve overall health and wellness through proper hydration.

Sending hourly glow alerts to remind you when to drink, HidrateSpark’s Tap to Track technology allows you to track a full bottle and daily water intake with the free HidrateSpark App. Add a bit of color to your hydration by choosing one of the seven preset glow colors, which glow every hour for a 12-hour period to help you stay on track and build a lasting hydration habit.

With the free HidrateSpark App, you will get a customized hydration goal based on a variety of different facts, can track your water intake, connect with friends, compete in challenges, earn trophies, and so much more. Easily integrate the HidrateSpark App with Apple Health & Apple Watch, Fitbit, and more fitness trackers to get the most out of your hydration tracking.

HidrateSpark PRO

HidrateSpark PRO, the world’s smartest water bottle ever created. Stainless steel vacuum insulated keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours. LED smart sensor “puck” glows to remind you when it’s time to drink and tracks your water intake by syncing via bluetooth to the HidrateSpark App. Choose from 2 size and lid options and make it your own with custom glow colors in the app.

HidrateSpark PRO glows when it’s time to drink and connects via Bluetooth to track every sip to keep your daily goal updated as you go. Opt in for fun HidrateSpark App notifications to help you stay on track. Compete with friends in fun hydration challenges and earn trophies for your collection.

The HidrateSpark PRO bottle glows throughout the day to remind you when you need to drink, so customize your glow color, pattern, and frequency within the HidrateSpark App. Choose between 6 present color combinations, or create your own color combination with GlowStudio function on the HidrateSpark App.

Not sure if you left your bottle in the car or at the office? Use the Find My Bottle feature within the HidrateSpark App to easily locate your bottle at the last place that it synced.

About HidrateSpark:

Hidrate Inc. was started by a group of health conscious and dedicated individuals who were passionate about helping people shape healthier habits. The idea was brought to life at a Google Startup weekend in 2014 in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In just 54 hours, the team built a water bottle that tracked water intake and synced to a mobile app on a smartphone.

The team worked evenings and weekends for 7 months before being accepted into the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator Program powered by Techstars in March 2015. The program was a 3 month-long intensive on-site experience in Kansas City, MO in which 10 mobile-health companies selected from around the world received funding and mentorship to accelerate their businesses. Now the team works between Minneapolis and Chicago, where they are hard at work bringing the product to life, and staying hydrated.