Have Endless Family Fun with Regal’s Mega Card Family Pack

Fall is literally here. Even though the weather hasn’t turned cold yet. But I notice the color change of the leaves and the day becomes shorter and shorter. Fall and Winter time means family fun, Regal Games introduces the Mega Game Pack, it’s six fun games in one pack!

Draw cards, discard, and try to build your best hand. These games for family and friends including two to multiple players. This Mega Card Family Game Pack also makes a great gift with hours of fun for the whole family.

  • PLAYING CARD PACK: Mega Card Game Pack includes Canasta, Garbage, ScorZo, Banapples, The Goodge Rules, and Spoons and a Spork from Regal Games
  • GAME NIGHT: Each game provides hours of fun for all ages, and makes for an excellent addition to your family game night collection
  • PORTABLE: Each playing card deck slots easily into the Mega Card game box so that you can easily take it with you on vacation, or to bring to a birthday party, sleepover, family reunion, or any other social gathering
  • COLORFUL DESIGN: Cards for all of the included games feature striking, vibrant colors and large easy-to-read numbers and symbols to keep gameplay smooth and accessible for both kids and adults
  • PERFECT GIFT: Mega card game pack makes for an excellent present for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, Anniversaries, and other special occasions

Get these 6 amazing playing card games in one compact collection with this Mega Card family game pack. This children’s card game collection includes the classic card game Canasta, the wild rummy fun of Scorzo, the twists and turns of Banapples, the skillful bidding of The Goodge Rules, the lovable trash sorting of Garbage, and the fast-paced and exciting Spoons and a Spork.

All 6 games provide endless hours of fun for both kids and adults alike, and all feature vibrant colors, striking designs, and large easy-to-read numbers to keep gameplay at a smooth pace and accessible to all ages. Each card deck slots easily into the family card game box, making for an excellent portable game collection to bring with you on vacation, or to birthday parties, sleepovers, and other fun social gatherings. For hours of fast-paced fun in one convenient package, this playing cards game set from Regal Games is the perfect choice.