Get Ready for Beauty in 5 Minutes or Less with Your New Beauty Box Concierge

New to Make-up or a Pro, Beauty and the City hand-curated collection features an extraordinary lineup of vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic cosmetics designed to be used in 5 minutes or less that will make you Glow. 

What’s inside?

Care and Repair: Beauty and the City Beauty Box only exclusives like the Beauty and the City Tea Mist packed with B Vitamins, Aloe, White Tea, Pineapple, and Raspberry Extracts produce actual restorative and healing results. Beauty and the City Vitamin C Serum is made with citrus stem cells, B vitamins, and proteins for projuvenation. Age Well Queen!

Glow: Our easy-to-use 1 step Beauty and the City Bronzer Tint is never too heavy. Even a make-up novice will get it right every time.  Using it with moisturizer or foundation easily provides radiance in seconds.

Beautiful in Five: The Beauty in the City Beauty Box was created for customers who only have 5 minutes for their beauty routine and want the convenience of having clean, vegan beauty products hand-curated for them, which will have a big impact in just 5.

Beauty and the City Beauty Box features our Easy 1-2 Step products that are hand-curated just for you. Within 2 minutes, you can get the most out of having a polished, natural glow with Beauty and the City’s projuvenating, antioxidant rich collection.

What is in my box?

Beauty and the City Lip Scrub

Beauty and the City Lip Scrub gently exfoliates your lips leaving them refreshed, kissably soft, and ready for lipstick. An essential part of any lip kit.

This product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, cruelty-free.

Beauty and the City Lip Balm

Use alone for natural shine or with your fav lipstick colors

Beauty and the City Lip Balm is great for high moisture, and healing dry lips

You deserve amazing ingredients.

Beauty and the City Lip Balm All Natural Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Rosemary Extract, Beeswax

Herbal Eye Gel

It is perfect to nourish your skin around eyes nourishing in this coming dry weather. Must have in your Fall shopping list.

What You Get in The Beauty Box