Fragrance With Benefits – You Are Not Only Gifting Great Smelling Scents

Fragrances make a fool-proof holiday gift that is enjoyed year-round. But when you give Fragrance With Benefits, you’re not only gifting great smelling scents. The brand’s two signature unisex fragrance lines, Égide and NoMo, offer added benefits too.

Égide leaves you feeling warm during winter with notes of sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and frankincense that bring holiday bliss to an often stress-filled time of year with its calming benefits.


Introducing Egide Eau de Parfum: a calming fine fragrance from Fragrance with Benefits for all.

Égide envelops you in warm, sensual notes of sandalwood, ylang ylang, frankincense, neroli, and cistus—essential oils prized since ancient times for their calming properties. The effect is hypnotic, uplifting, a balm for the senses.

Like the mythological Égide shield carried by Zeus and Athena, Egide Eau de Parfum is your shield from stress.

NoMo refreshes with scents of Florida orange, Sicilian lemon, and French lavender-all with the added benefit of repelling mosquitoes for those tropical trips taken during the peak travel season.


The fresh scents of Florida orange, Sicilian lemon and French lavender with the natural insect-repellent properties of peppermint, geranium and cedarwood.

NoMo body crème is the ultra-hydrating lotion with the added benefit of NoMo’s fine fragrance insect repellent.

The organic shea butter, hyaluronic acid and marine collagen promote supple, younger-looking skin. Cold-pressed oils and botanical extracts rejuvenate skin’s texture and calm irritation. For best hydration: apply right after showering with NoMo shower gel or any time your skin needs a moisture boost.

NoMo shower gel is a gentle body wash with the added benefit of NoMo’s fine fragrance insect repellent.

Mild cleansers, pure botanical extracts and essential oils nourish and prepare skin against insects. Nutrient-rich hemp oil offers the health benefits of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. A high concentration of aloe soothes and noticeably softens skin. Directions: Apply to wet skin, lather and rinse.


NoMo is a unique approach to fragrance, offering the luxury of an eau fraîche with the added benefit of an insect repellent.

Charm only your own species with the fresh scents of Florida orange, Sicilian lemon, French lavender and insect-repelling peppermint, geranium and cedarwood.

As a fine fragrance: spray NoMo as you would your favorite perfume.

Against insects: spray generously on legs, feet and all exposed skin. Reapply every 2 hours to maintain protection. For best protection, layer with NoMo shower gel and NoMo body crème.

About Fragrance With Benefits:

Co-founder and perfume creator Olivia Jan wants to bottle happiness with every fragrance she creates. She’s passionate about nature, travel and unlocking the secrets of essential oils. So when mosquitoes wouldn’t leave her alone, she used her expertise to create an innovative fragrance that would keep them away.

Olivia and her husband put NoMo to the test on getaways to the Hamptons, the Caribbean and tropical Asia. Soon they were bringing it with them everywhere. One lush weekend in Jamaica, Olivia met a friend of a friend named Corinne Gillespie. Corinne loved NoMo’s fragrance. Not easily impressed, she was amazed by how well it kept mosquitoes away.

As a market research expert, Corinne knew a great product when she saw it. She and Olivia joined forces to create Fragrance with Benefits, a new approach to fine perfumery.