Salty Britches – Created by a mom looking for a way to make beach time better

Snow’s coming this winter and no one has time to worry about skin irritations when they could be enjoying the cozy weather and outdoor activities. Salty Britches is a family’s BFF for every season and athletic pursuits. Created by a mom looking for a way to make beach time better for her son, the chafing and skin relief ointments are a must-have for vacationing and extreme conditions. The military even uses the ointment during amphibious training operations (the brand donates a tube for every one sold to the U.S. Armed Forces!).

Salty Britches® Winter Skin Relief Ointment

This product offers soothing, long-lasting barrier against skin irritation. It will keep your skin from looking like a fence post! Perfect to prevent dry, irritated, cracked hands and lips. Formulated to not freeze in the cold. Use Winter Skin Relief from head to toes.

Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment

This product offers all-day, skin soothing, protective barrier against chafing and irritation. The specialized formula prevents heat, sports, and ocean chafing while providing soothing relief for winter skin! Salty Britches was formulated to not melt in the heat. Cooler temps can make it hard to squeeze from the tube. When making your drop bags, squeeze product into a ziplock. When you need it, scoop out what you need. Crisis averted… and NO CHAFING…

Salty Britches® Skin Barrier Ointment

New Military “Blacked Out” Edition Package of Salty Britches Skin Barrier Ointment. Prevents or soothes chafing and blisters during ruck, amphibious operations and all other imagined misery.

What is the difference between the Chafing Ointment and Winter Skin Relief? Salty Britches® Chafing Ointment was formulated to not melt in the heat. Because it will become harder to squeeze in colder climates, The Winter Skin Relief was formulated. The Winter Skin Relief will liquify in the heat, but will not freeze in the cold. The Chafing Ointment is more robust. Both contain the same ingredients, but different levels.

Salty Britches® was formulated to withstand salt water chafing for the founder’s family. Their young son could not play in the ocean without getting the painful chafing on his legs, underarms, and chest. Nothing on the market seemed to hold up very well or last for very long in the salt water. Salty Britches formula is robust, clear, non staining, won’t degrade fabrics, and lasts all day. For activities that produce a lot of sweat and friction such as hiking, biking, running, rucking, walking, swimming, and working, Salty Britches® will last so you are not distracted by painful skin irritation.

Both the Chafing Ointment and the Winter Skin Relief work to soothe dry irritated hands. Salty Britches suggests applying a light layer and rubbing hands together before bed. No need for gloves. The products will soak in in a few minutes. For super gnarly hands, use for several nights in a row. Touch up as needed during the day. A little goes a long way.

Salty Britches® is mostly all natural. They do not make the claim because they do have some petrolatum and wax in the product. In their experience, all natural products would not hold up or last very long, especially in the salt water and extreme conditions. Salty Britches formula is a combo of humectant, emollient, and occlusive to create a skin barrier that would protect but not choke the skin. They needed a robust product that would stay put.