Children love customization and these new lunchboxes make daycare and preschool so much fun! The sections keep food separate and fresh. We love the charms and make it easy to identify multiples if there are siblings in the home. What do your kids love to have for lunch and snacks?
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Innobaby’s newest product offering is the Flex & Lock Kids LunchBOX. A pioneer of eco-friendly mealtime and feeding solutions, Innobaby introduces an innovative and patent-pending bento box designed to make both parents and kids happy with its life-changing features that make lunchtime more enjoyable. Created with a mission to create a problem-solving lunch packing alternative to mold-prone lunch boxes, the new Flex & Lock lunchbox gives parents the confidence to sack meals in a safe way, while making things fun for children, with accessories to decorate and personalize their boxes. With its silicone plate doubling as a mold-free leakproof seal and made of high-quality BPA-free materials, say hello to the ultimate mealtime invention with Flex & Lock’s revolutionary configuration of the FlexBox, FlexPlate, FlexBoard and FlexCharms. 
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