Pulmonary Embolism: Symptoms and Necessary Medication


The condition when blood clots form in your lungs or in the arteries that transfer blood to your lungs is called pulmonary embolism. This condition of pulmonary embolism can also occur when blood clots from other body organs get transferred to the lungs. 

As these clots result in blocking the passage of blood to your lungs, it can endanger your life. It is essential to get its treatment immediately, as it is only due to treatment you can save your life. 

You must look out for the formation of blood clots in your legs. This is one method you should staunchly follow to save yourself from pulmonary embolism.

The symptoms of Pulmonary embolism are multiple. These symptoms vary from one another and are dependent on the size of the clot and how much space of your lungs it has taken.

What are the common symptoms of Pulmonary embolism?

Here we mention a few symptoms that can indicate the development of clot in the lungs.

  • You suffer from the condition of breathlessness:

One crucial symptom of lung embolism is that you suffer from shortening of breath. Spontaneously, you start to struggle for breath and this situation becomes adverse with time.

  • Your chest starts to ache:

In this condition, your heart starts to hurt severely. The excruciating pain might make you wonder if you are having a heart attack. The pain increases as you breathe and deep breathing can make the pain significantly sharp. This pain can trouble your breathing. Besides, the pain can also rise when you cough, sneeze or are in the bending position.

  • Your cough changes:

While you have pulmonary embolism, you will experience having blood in your sputum. These are the major symptoms that your body will undergo in the situation of pulmonary embolism.

Besides the significant symptoms, here we mention all the minor symptoms that you should also be cautious of:

  • Your heartbeat will get rapid intermittently. Sometimes, you will have to deal with the irregularity in your heart beat.
  • You will get dizzy often. This lightheadedness is a colossal symptom of your pulmonary embolism.
  • Your body sweats uncontrollably.
  • Your body’s temperature gets higher and you become prone to having a fever.
  • Your legs swell.
  • Discoloration and hyperpigmentation of your skin.


When is it the time to consult a doctor for your condition?

Pulmonary embolism can take your life, hence we emphasize that you should urgently see a doctor. If you start experiencing conditions like breathlessness or pain in your chest, the first thing you should do is seek medical help.

Your doctor will prescribe you certain medication that can cure this disease. One medicine that can treat clots in your lungs is Rivaroxaban 20 mg. If you are worried about the cost of this medicine, 90 Days Meds is the perfect platform for you to buy medication. This online medical store helps you to buy this medicine in a reasonable range.

In sum!

Here we mention all about pulmonary embolism with the medication that can cure this condition. If you have this medical condition, you should seek help from a professional as the first priority.